Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dear Americans: Hah hah!

Apparently, we're smarter:

Almost a quarter of Canadians don't believe in any god, new poll says

The [Canadian Press Harris-Decima] poll found 72 per cent of respondents said they believed in a god, while 23 per cent said they did not believe in any god. Six per cent did not offer an opinion.

Pity our unfortunate American counterparts:

Polls have told a different story in the United States.

"Canada's secularism stands in clearer distinction, when compared to the cultural and political influences of religion in the United States," said Anderson. "In one Harris Interactive study in the United States, conducted in 2007, the number who said they were non-believers was only eight per cent."

In a magnanimous gesture of international good will and free trade, we here in Canada will be happy to trade you our ignorant, shrieky Bible fetishists for your thoughtful, educated liberals. 'Cuz that's just the kind of neighbours we are. Selfish.


toujoursdan said...

I’m left with three possibilities when I consider the atheism of disrespect. Either people like Richard Dawkins, PZ Meyers, Bill Maher, and assorted don’t know that the way they are confronting these issues is disrespectful, in which case they are tone deaf to a frankly absurd degree; or they think that, tactically, the way to get the kind of change they say they want is to ridicule people into believing as they do, in which case they have a dramatically underdeveloped understanding of human psychology and sociology; or they are more interested in producing ridicule than in producing change...

I think the temptation among aggressive atheists is to think that they are just a few converts away from the great crumble, that if they could just move a few more people closer to their position, they’d win the day. This is folly. There are more people who claim a religious devotion than not, in this world, by billions. There are more in this country by millions. You don’t argue your way out of niches by constantly thumbing your noses at the people who you’re trying to convert. The question then becomes, are they converting at all? Or are they merely asserting superiority?

From: Atheism and Monsters

mikmik said...

It's all relative. The only thing dumber than a dumb canadian is a smart america.

Are you kidding that 72% believe in god? What a fucking insult.

As to the atheism of disrespect, it almost seems to be a direct response to the christianity of entitlement and persecution. I agree that it is no way to discuss ideas, but it seems to me that almost no one is open to ideas, evidence, etc., especially the dogmatic and insipid people that believe in god.

I have had several friends and multiple JW that I asked simple things like "I would gladly believe, but where did god come from?" and also "If it is an all loving god as presented through the beliefs of JC (another question that I don't abrogate), then why do childs get raped and killed etc by their parents, innocent deaths, MISSIONARIES GETTING KIDNAPPED, TORTURED AND RAPED(this one is esp. important) because, clearly, these are at least unjust, at most unspeakably cruel, and in case on missionaries - a profession in the love of god thru JC didn't do anything for them, did it?
Then I may ask, "Well, what would the world look like without god? It seems quiye random to me that some people are blessed, and others not."

Oh yeah, god works in mysterious ways et fucking cetera.

If mysterious means incredibly stunted emotionally then I agree.

Then I tell them.... "If this is god, then I hate his(its) fucking guts.