Thursday, February 12, 2009

The cognitive dissonance must be positively crippling.

Gosh, who didn't see this coming?

Taxpayers may have to cover octuplet mom's costs

LOS ANGELES – A big share of the financial burden of raising Nadya Suleman's 14 children could fall on the shoulders of California's taxpayers, compounding the public furor in a state already billions of dollars in the red.

Even before the 33-year-old single, unemployed mother gave birth to octuplets last month, she had been caring for her six other children with the help of $490 a month in food stamps, plus Social Security disability payments for three of the youngsters. The public aid will almost certainly be increased with the new additions to her family.

Also, the hospital where the octuplets are expected to spend seven to 12 weeks has requested reimbursement from Medi-Cal, the state's Medicaid program, for care of the premature babies, according to the Los Angeles Times. The cost has not been disclosed.

This must be a difficult time for the right-wing, anti-choice crowd: "Culture of life, every fetus is sacred!" versus "Freeloading, jobless, parasitic single, baby-making welfare mom sucking up all my hard-earned tax dollars!"

If you listen carefully, I'm sure you can hear heads exploding in the distance. If you're lucky.



Southern Quebec said...

I would guess it's just a question of time before social services removes the children from the house.

Must be true - wv: blesse

sassy said...

For someone who has 14 youngsters, she seems to have a lot of time for PR interviews. Don't know how she does it.

Frank Frink said...

Don't know how she does it.

One word: Grandma.