Thursday, February 01, 2007

So long, Molly Ivins.


: Can't find the Molly Ivins dildo video, but here's a snippet of her partway in.

UPDATE(2): Molly's final column.

UPDATE(3): The dildo diaries, and a wag of the tail to "southern quebec" for tracking it down.


calugg said...

Yeah, it's another sad day in the US.

Ann Richards, gone.
Father Drinan, gone (watch TV coverage of him driving the Nixonites up the wall over VietNam and Cambodia).

And now, Molly.

And Bush is still in office.

No justice.

Southern Quebec said...

One of the funniest videos on the internets is Molly Ivins talking about dildos (not W) being illegal in Texas. If you could put this up, (wink, wink) I think it would be a great tribute to Molly, who had a wicked sense of humour.

Southern Quebec said...

Found the video. It's called the Dildo Diaries. It's here: