Friday, November 04, 2022

"We need to turn this into the PM's problem."

And that's all you need to know, the operative word being "problem." That would be the CPC's Candice Bergen, in a February email, clearly and explicitly describing the Freedom Convoy siege of downtown Ottawa as a "problem" for which she hopes the PM will shoulder the blame.


It's over.

Regardless of how the CPC and its mouth-breathing lackeys want to frame that three weeks as legal or lawful or peaceful, the instant Bergen characterized the trucker occupation of Ottawa as a "problem," she was conceding that it was a bit of ugliness she hoped she could use politically.

There is no walking that back. At all.

You don't get to gush over the legality and peacefulness of an insurrection publicly, only to admit it's a "problem" behind the scenes. (And need I point out the unseemliness of admitting something is a "problem" even as you hobnob with, and encourage, the very people creating that problem?)

To clarify:

  • The CPC conceded the trucker occupation of Ottawa was a "problem" and hoped Justin Trudeau would be forced to deal with it.
  • He dealt with it.
  • Now they're whining about how he did it.

Fuck those people.

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Anonymous said...

One of the dozens of contradictory interpretations of the hilarious trucker "testimonies this week conservatives are using simultaneously to prove there was no need for the EA runs something like this:
1) The calm, peaceful convoy was united in their desire to maintain a positive presence; they only wanted someone to come out and talk to them.
2) There was never any real danger from the convoy, because in fact there was no hierarchy, no "organization", no "leaders" - just a diverse range of protesters that posted no threat because they were never a "group" or "movement.

While the second point is closer to the truth, it actually illustrates exactly WHY the EA was needed. As the last week of testimony demonstrated, this was a mass of fragmented mini-movements, united only by hatred of Justin Trudeau, but NOT operating under any actual leadership that could ensure order or peace. It incorporated armed conspirators planning to murder RCMP; occupiers calling for the assassination of the Prime Minister; and a large subgroup plotting a literal coup.

Under such circumstances, the most violent and radical of sub-groups will automatically become the directing force, no matter how much the Bouncy Castle crowd wring their hands piously distance themselves from the calls for murder.