Sunday, November 13, 2022

Now that Dems have a Senate majority, it's time to go scorched earth on Republicans.

And by that, I mean ramming through legislation to annihilate Republicans and their policies in every possible way -- voting rights, gerrymandering, appoint the fuck out of new judges, you name it ... Dems now have two years to bury the GOP, and they need to not worry about seeming impolite about it.

It's clobbering time. Pitter patter, let's get at 'er.


Anonymous said...

One word: Sinemanchin. They won't have a two seat majority.

CC said...

That much is true, but if the Dems take Georgia, then only one of those turncoats will be necessary, and it will be interesting to see which one falls into line first, leaving the other out in the cold.

chris said...

With you all the way, burn it to the ground!

But... 50-50+VP isn't a true majority, there's a power sharing agreement (yeah, right!) over committee subpoena power. 51-49 would be an actual majority and allow any committee to exercise the power without the agreement of any Republican. Like that'll happen. Georgia! Go vote!

Weedy piece on the agreement:

Purple library guy said...

Be nice if they still had Congress though.

Debbie Downer, but a dude. said...

"I Am Not A Member Of Any Organized Political Party -- I'm A Democrat"

-- Will Rogers, 1930s?

I'm too old to believe that those geriatric clowns will do anything to literally save themselves from fascists.