Sunday, November 06, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: One bad decision after another.

Patrick Ross: Having a hearing scheduled for 10 a.m., Friday, Nov 4 at Grande Prairie courthouse but, knowing I will have a process server waiting for him there, calls courthouse at 9:55 a.m., insisting he is too ill to attend, and does not show.

Also Patrick Ross, on social media later that very day:

Noted and filed.

DID NOT THINK THAT ONE THROUGH: In response to the first couple of comments, let me elaborate on how Patrick has thoroughly and utterly screwed himself in the long run by trying to be his unjustifiably clever self.

Patrick's first mistake was, upon being contacted by my process server to facilitate personal service, insisting that he is just such a busy dude with an unpredictable work schedule that it would be nigh impossible to synchronize a face-to-face. That was Patrick's first fuckup.

Patrick then compounded that fuckup by immediately (and unwisely) offering to accept service by email, confirming his actual email address. But the stupid did not end there. What finished him off was, when my process server emailed the relevant docs to Patrick, he replied almost immediately that he had received them.

Those with experience in the area of proper and adequate legal service will appreciate just how completely Patrick has boned himself.

Normally, proper legal service requires personal transfer of the relevant documents; that is, handing them over to the actual person being served, then attesting to the fact that they were handed over. On the other hand, if one is having difficulty tracking someone down because, say, they were actively evading service, one can apply to the Court for substitutional service, which allows you to serve someone in any way you can convince the Court should reliably assure that your target gets the documents. This does require you to persuade the Court that you've given it a good effort to serve someone personally, and you just haven't managed it. And now you can see how Patrick has fucked himself.

First, he insisted that he is a hard man to track down -- a truly stupid concession as it mostly makes my argument for me. But it gets worse, as Patrick proceeded to offer a way to serve him: by email. Again, that's Patrick effectively giving me all the argument I need to be granted substitutional service. Oh, and the quick response of acknowledgement of receipt is simply proof that Patrick does indeed receive stuff sent to him at that email address.


I barely need to make the argument for substitutional service for Patrick, as he has done all that for me. This would be Patrick scrambling to solve an immediate problem (trying to avoid being served this one time), while giving no thought to the very long-term and ugly consequences. (Oh, and the fact that Patrick called the courthouse five minutes before his hearing to cancel due to illness -- thereby assuredly annoying the court -- while bragging openly online about his getting all buff and shit at the gym later that same day is not going to play well with the judge, either.)

So, yeah, once again, Patrick went for the quick win while being totally unaware of how he just handed me the right to serve him via simple email in all actions going forward. And, by the way, that sub service works only one way here -- Patrick does not get similar freedom to serve me by email. No, he still needs to hire and pay a process server who has to serve me in person. Why? Because I did not behave like a weaselly asshat and I did not lie to the Court.

See how that works?


Anonymous said...

Hasn't Twatsy posted pics where he shows himself working out at Motion Fitness? Perhaps your process server should know where else to go to find Patrick, especially if he's bragging about working out instead of attending scheduled court appearances.

Anonymous said...

Can this be brought to the attention of the Court?

Anonymous said...

Every time I think Patrick can't mess up any worse, he finds a way. Will this still be going on five years from now?

CC said...

Anon @ 11:43 AM: Almost certainly. Given how much Patrick owes me, and that he is refusing to pay so that his debt is only increasing, the only way this will ever be resolved is that I seize from him his inheritance, and I imagine this will be his father's residence in Lloydminster when his father kicks off.

I can assure you, I have everything in place ready to go when that happens. No one will be getting that property but me.

Anonymous said...

How long until Twatsy will claim mental illness?

That's how it usually works with Conservatives.

MgS said...

Anonymous @ 4:40PM:

He already played that card once. I don’t remember the details, but it’s there.

RossOwesDay said...

Anon @ 4:40PM: Twatrick already tried playing the mental illness card 10 years ago:

CC said...

Patrick has, for years, complained that people are mocking his mental illness. That is inaccurate; rather, what people are doing is mocking his predictable CLAIMS that he is mentally ill when it's legally advantageous for him. As proof, I will point out that Patrick's blog post above was posted on March 6, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. -- literally, to the minute, when I finally dragged Patrick into a courtroom in Calgary to force him to produce a Financial Statement of Debtor pursuant to registering, in Alberta, my 2010 judgment for malicious defamation against him.

Patrick made the same claims of mental illness and suicidal tendencies during that hearing; the judge pointed out he had produced absolutely zero evidence of such and gave his claims no weight. Similar claims in front of subsequent judges also went nowhere.

Anonymous said...

What are you serving Patrick with? And will this require a court appearance he'll cancel on at the last minute?

CC said...

Anon @ 6:41 AM: I'll keep the actual application to myself for now but, yes, there is already a hearing scheduled before Justice in Chambers in Grande Prairie, 10:00 a.m., Friday, December 2.

I will be attending virtually via Webex; I have no idea if Patrick will do the same, attend in person, or simply not show. But not showing up would be a serious miscalculation on his part. And if he calls in at the last minute claiming illness, I will already have prepped the judge about Patrick's history of sudden excuses, including his most recent.