Thursday, November 10, 2022

Rebel News: The grift goes ever on.

No, I'd rather spend an evening scrubbing my nads with a wire brush, thanks:

Hilariously, from a recent e-mail from Eazy-E himself:

"Thankfully, due to the brave actions of our truckers and many of the guests who will grace the stage at the event, we are free from most of Trudeau's tyrannical mandates and restrictions that kept people apart for nearly two years."

Actually, I'm pretty sure the only result of that occupation was that lots of people were arrested, some are going to jail, and many of them lost their trucks and livelihood.

But, sure, whatever relieves the rubes of their rubles.

P.S. I thought part of Lich's bail conditions was that she shut her festering gob regarding the wondrousness of the trucker convoy occupation of Ottawa earlier this year. Seems like being a keynote speaker at a conference praising that very thing just might be a wee bit problematic. But, hey, what do I know -- I'm not a lawyer.


Anonymous said...

Apparently “speakers list subject to change”. All 2 of them!

Anonymous said...

The POEC showed parts of Pawlowski's rabblerousing speech at Coutts; he's real enthused about millions of people dying for a cause.

Here's one of the clips:

Val J

Anonymous said...

Email from Tamara Lich re the Rebel hoedown:

After acknowledging her bail conditions, she says "It's time for me to finally break my silence, and I've decided that there is no better place to do that than Rebel News Live! Toronto"