Thursday, November 10, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Did not think that one through.

I'm not going to provide links but, over at undischarged bankrupt Patrick Ross' Twitter account, he has a pinned tweet and thread describing how much fun he's going to have with his meritless action against numerous people (including your humble scribe), using phrases like "Yee haw, MFers I'm back and I've got big, big news" and "This is going to be fun."

That thread specifically refers to Patrick's attempt to amend his original Statement of Claim, a motion which was scheduled to be heard last Friday, Nov. 4 ... until Patrick got wind of my process server waiting for him at the Grande Prairie courthouse to be served with my Application for Summary Judgment, at which time Patrick called the courthouse five minutes before the scheduled hearing start and begged off due to illness, whereupon later that day he tweeted about working out at the gym.

It is unclear why Patrick continues to promote a pinned tweet bragging about an action for which he abandoned a scheduled hearing. In any event, my hearing is on for Dec. 2, and I can assure you, I will be attending.

P.S. In my imminent letter to the Grande Prairie courthouse, I will be adding the above as an exhibit as to how Patrick publicly boasts about how much "fun" he intends to have with his filing, only to bail on it at the last minute, feigning illness but instead waddling off to pump iron, thereby wasting the Court's time and resources for his own childish entertainment value.

Yeah, Patrick might have given this a little more thought.

UH OH ... while I will be attending my Dec. 2 application hearing virtually, apparently someone else plans on showing up:

Maybe it's just as well I'll be on the other side of the country.

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MgS said...

He either doesn't show, or he shows up and asks for a continuance because *insert reasons*