Thursday, November 10, 2022

Yeah, Skippy, about "real people on the ground" ...

Here's Captain Crypto, flop sweating all over the place, and insisting it's critically important to diss the Parliamentary Press Gallery and get out there and talk with real people in the real world:

Tune in next week when Skippy checks in to see how the real people at Canada Proud and The Post Millennial are doing.


Anonymous said...

Skippy is a populist nugget regurgitating facile talking points. He wants (and needs) an echo chamber to be able to dupe the dopes.

The "Us versus them" mentality is all the Cons know. Misinformation, lies and deception is all that the CPC offer.

It matters little that they lie. Their base are fine with that as long as you hate and blame others.

You could assault the typical CPC voters with facts and they will not care. Just look at failed insurance broker (coffee boy) and semi-American Sheer: if he had been the Liberal leader, the Con base would have bleated sans cesse about that, and likely picked up by the press.
When it's one of their own, well that is totally different.

Skippy is emulating Trump. I'm I surprised? Not really.
We do need the press to point out how scared he is of answering questions BUT also to ask Skippy beyond the navel gazing of their own interests. Ask him to elaborate about CPC plans. And when Skippy tosses a "Trudeau, Trudeau, Trudeau" bring the mental midget back on track. Demand that he answer the question instead of letting him spew garbage.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the "real people" in the proud boys and diagolon. Oh wait, PeePee's mad at diagolon because their leader said something cruel about his wife.
That's the problem with right-wingers, they only care about something when it impacts them directly. They have zero problems causing pain to people who aren't members of their tribe. In fact, the cruelty is the point.

Anonymous said...

Given that his director of communication is a cheerleader for the alt-right...

At this point, can't we just deport these traitors?

Anonymous said...

The video of that press conference is hilarious, he starts by picking a fight with the media and acting like he is in a Parliamentary committee bullying a witness. Keep up that petulance, PP, keep reminding Canadians why you sided with the whiney convoy crybabies.

Val J