Friday, November 04, 2022

Why *exactly* is Tamara Lich a "hero"?

There's a delightful bit of video here wherein British radio host James O'Brien asks a caller 15 separate times to list a single laudable achievement of Boris Johnson, and the caller comes up utterly empty.

Which brings us to Tamara Lich.

In the midst of the current EA Inquiry and so many yobs insisting that Lich is a hero of some kind, it behooves us to ask ... can anyone point to a single accomplishment of hers? That is, just one achievement that, in any way, benefited Canadians other than her and her fellow grifters.

Let us first dispense with any responses that involve how she, in some way, "fought" for Canadians, or "worked tirelessly", or "sacrificed", or what have you. I have no interest in being lectured on the amount of effort Lich put into this grift; I'm after actual results.

There is also the nonsense as to how Lich and her fellow con artists somehow restored freedom. This is, of course, patently untrue, as the "Freedom Convoy" resulted in absolutely no mandates being dropped. (Not to mention that many COVID-19 mandates and restrictions were provincial, while others were imposed by the United States related to border crossing.)

So, again, can anyone anywhere identify a single achievement of Lich's that justifies her being idolized to this extent? Because I'm just not seeing it.


Anonymous said...

If normalizing denial of Covid is a good thing, then Lich has been remarkably successful. Just a couple of weeks after the Ottawa occupation, those provincial mandates vanished like the morning dew. Canadians are now fully convinced that the pandemic is over and can't understand why hospitals are closing their ERs and airports have trouble finding staff. 'Tis a mystery.

Anonymous said...

Her mandate is to shed tears for suffering Canadians. A true western heroine. /s

Anonymous said...

"There is also the nonsense as to how Lich and her fellow con artists somehow restored freedom."

The one actual, measurable thing they achieved was to sharply increase security on the Hill, and to make protesting, demonstrations or other group activities in front of Parliament vastly more difficult. Hard to see how that represents an increase in anyone's "freedom".

Anonymous said...

The people calling her a hero really only care that she normalized fascism in Canada, and encouraged other conservatives to take the mask off. To them, she’s a hero.