Saturday, November 05, 2022

Dear Ottawa: Universal Grocery in Byward Market is a must-visit.

Recently learned that something called "Universal Grocery" took over the old Home Hardware location on George Street in Byward Market so, on a whim, popped in there with my infinitely better half to peruse.


Really, just aisle after aisle of cool stuff, including the very Maesri curry paste we were after. And I was assured by one of the owners that, starting Monday, they will be offering homemade Jamaican patties.

Go. Visit. Make sure this place survives as it's now on my regular shopping route.

Spread the word.


Anonymous said...

I have my doubts. For a self-proclaimed "Universal" grocery, it sounds suspiciously Terra-centric.

CC said...

I'm sorry ... did I fail to mention the impressive selection of Klingon Rokeg blood pie? My bad.

Anonymous said...

Well if there are home made rotis on the way I'm there.