Thursday, November 03, 2022

This is what stupid looks like.



Anonymous said...

Oh Slappy...

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to Dichter now, very annoying, but he did media for the convoy, talked to Fox News and podcasts, etc but not MSM because he thinks they all lie. His deliberate messaging at the time was all about peace, love, unity; says Tamara agreed.
I wish they would ask if he thought up the bouncy castle.
I hope Champ gives him a dose of harsh reality, but he's probably oblivious.

Val J

Anonymous said...

That's so cute, Mark Slapinski still thinks he's some kind of journalist.
To me, he's nothing more than an alt-right buffoon.

Purple library guy said...

So, if it was just a block party, then Lich is a hero for . . . organizing a block party?

More generally, if, as they seem to be arguing these days, the Convoy thing wasn't inconveniencing anybody in any way, was causing no problems, exerting no pressure, then . . . doesn't that fundamentally undermine their other claims that it was somehow politically important? At the time they certainly seemed fairly clear . . . well, as clear as they were about anything . . . that the idea was to cause problems and exert pressure until the government either gave in to their demands or, according to some of them, fell. So now they're saying it wasn't doing any of that stuff and was instead totally irrelevant and unimportant?

Augray said...

Why are these people saying that Trudeau should have met with the organizers/leaders of a block party?

Anonymous said...

Was it a protest or a block party? It can't be both, y'all. I mean, the Fuckers' Bridage was supposedly protesting having their freedoms taken away (and also wanted to undemocratically overthrow the government, but you know, details...) yet I seem to recall at some point there being a party complete with video screen and DJ? Oh wait, it's more than actually happened!

Maybe it's just me, but it would seem to contradict them having their freedom taken away. I can't think of (m)any protests that come complete with bouncy castles, hot tubs, saunas, and its own DJ with video screen. Partly because most protests don't last anywhere near as long as this one did, and also partly due to most protests fighting for something more tangible, instead of "mask make facey hurt. :(" Not to mention I can't imagine police being so lax as to allow any of the above items to make it in if it wasn't brought it in at the beginning. But you know, Trudeau's a tyrant or something!

By the way, note the date on that Twitter post. The blocking off of the street in front of Parliament (and several other blocks) had gone on for about two weeks by that point (they arrived on January 29th). The Emergencies Act wouldn't get invoked by PM Trudeau for another three days. The day after that, OPS Police Chief Peter Sloly tendered his resignation. Nearly a full week after that Twitter post, law enforcement finally started doing something resembling their job.

I'm still amazed to this day that this shitshow went as long as it did. I mean, I'm not surprised it went on for a while (say, a week), given law enforcement's general right-leaning bent...but for it to have lasted over three weeks with the police not only not doing anything about it, but (at least passively) endorsing and supporting it was...rather revealing. Not to mention a great way to have no one (at least in Ottawa) trust the police ever again. Great job just made your jobs even harder from here on out! Hope you're proud of yourselves.

Also, I have no idea who this Mark Slapinski character is, but aside from having quite the last name, any post I've seen of his on Twitter shows him to be dumber than a bag of dicks.