Monday, November 07, 2022

Let's test Elon Musk's alleged commitment to free speech, shall we?

More than anyone, I suspect I can be the guinea pig to see just how committed Elon Musk is to free speech on his brand new toy, Twitter, in a couple of ways.

As many may remember, my "canadiancynic" account was permanently suspended some time back, all of the evidence suggesting that white nationalist and deranged twatwaffle Senator Denise Batters was behind the suspension, using her political influence in a most unseemly way to silence her critics. Based on Musk's public obsession with free speech, I recently filed an appeal to have that account re-activated but, let's face it, I'm not optimistic as Musk has already started canning people for the horrific crime of ... making fun of him. However, I thought of another experiment.

I just created another Twitter account,, which we will now use as an experiment. While I've already started following a small yet random collection of folks (and you're welcome to follow that account), I will not tweet anything. Nothing. At all. I will use that account for nothing but following and reading, but will ruthlessly refrain from posting even the most innocuous tweets. And that's where the experiment starts.

Because I know there are people out there in the Dumbass-o-sphere who, in a heartbeat, will be on the phone to Twitter support, demanding that this new account be cancelled because my old ones were and Twitter has a policy of not allowing "repeat" offenders to create new accounts to sneak around their suspension.

But if this new account never, ever tweets anything, how can anyone justify revoking it? Quite simply, if Twitter takes the baffling step of suspending this new account, then we'll know fer shure that that suspension was absolutely and purely political and had nothing to do with rules or Terms of Service.

So, the account is up, and I will follow people, and never, ever tweet anything, and let's see if Twitter suspends me, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'd really like to follow, but my account was also banned.
Conservatives are so delicate when confronted with facts.

Their thuggish behaviour is also in full display on Facebook.

In a tolerant society, we should never tolerate the intolerant (paraphrasing a little) - The Alt-right thinks they deserve a voice. In fact, Hapercons banked on having a voice and we have seen where that lead.
Many forewarned of the consequences and we now have the results.
From Trump trying to overthrow the US gov (with most not caring) to Musk making his own "facts".

Fuck them all.

Del Esau said...

I just followed to expand the experiment.
Will my account become a target of Twitter or the unwashed incel masses because I follow the anti-twatwaffle?
(Anti-twatwaffle is a good thing.)

chris said...

Followed (see the handsome yellow pupper.)

Joined in February and have never tweeted which is really hard sometimes. Grrr! Good luck.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"This fake twitter account is impersonating twitter corporate with a newly purchased check mark and gotten 34k rts. This is going great so far. How long before having a check mark will just be a hallmark of scamming?"