Saturday, November 05, 2022


Man who proudly and maliciously defamed me years ago, was found guilty of same, refused to accept judgment, refused to follow court orders, refused to pay cost awards, was found in contempt of court twice, filed for bankruptcy where the Registrar described him as "not an honest but unfortunate debtor", subsequently refused to honour any of his obligations under bankruptcy to the point where his trustee withdrew from his file and the court lifted his protection, and who now owes me $110,000 but is currently refusing to pay and is actively evading service from the Saskatchewan sheriffs, will now pompously lecture us on (*checks notes*) the importance of following the rules:

You can't make this up. You just can't.


Anonymous said...

Those of Conservative leanings are all the same. Rules are for others don't you know.
Rosshole plays the same game that Skippy does.

thwap said...

He doesn't just make it up though. He thinks [or not?] about it and then LIVES it.