Friday, November 04, 2022

Could Andrew Lawton please shut the fuck up?

OFFS ... get off the cross, we need the wood.

BONUS TRACK: Local lawyer and social media threading specialist James Bowie enumerates the 9,437 errors on a single page of Lawton's magnum dopus.


Purple library guy said...

Her shoulder must be really wet. I mean, the tears of thousands of Canadians, we're talking a bucket of tear-juice just, like, dumped on her shoulder.
So wasn't it the right wing that wasn't supposed to care about anyone's feelings? But they insist we have to care about theirs, 'cause they're a bunch of snowflakes who break down when they have to put a mask over their big mouths.

Anonymous said...

You have to keep in mind these are the same people who get apoplectic when they see pronouns in Twitter profiles, even though they're the same ones who feel the need to shout racial epithets like the "n" word while at the same time saying, "Why are you offended? They're just words! Words can't hurt you! Herp derp!"