Monday, April 11, 2022

Why "The Democracy Fund" CRA charitable tax status is sketchy as hell.

Here's a recent blurb from Rebel News' in-house accounting department and fundraising division "The Democracy Fund," bragging about all that alleged trucker representation:

Furthermore, here's TDF's own mandate which justifies their charitable tax status, emphasizing that they focus on "strategic litigation" related to "constitutional rights":

And yet ... and yet ... here's TDF's own admission that they're dealing with nickel-and-dime bullshit cases that do not even remotely rise to the level of "strategic" or in any way deal with constitutional issues:

Why the Canada Revenue Agency allows this obvious bait-and-switch to continue operating as a registered charity eligible to hand out tax receipts is beyond me. Thoughts?

P.S. We are not close to done digging into "The Democracy Fund," but I will yet again remind one and all that the CRA is absolutely clear that no registered charity is allowed to lend its charitable tax status to be used on behalf of someone else:

HANG ON, WHAT THE HELL ... What in the fuck is this?

"Founded in 2021"???? I call bullshit. Not only does the paperwork show that TDF started the year before in 2020:

it also shows that TDF was not "founded", it simply stepped in and re-purposed an existing registered charity, thereby inheriting the ability to issue tax receipts while clearly redefining its mandate.

Why would TDF misrepresent the year in which it began operations? I have a wild and crazy guess. What's yours?

WEIRDER AND WEIRDER ... And just in case you didn't think it could get any stranger, the official GoC charities web page shows The Democracy Fund having been registered back in 2019:

so we ask once again, why would TDF now claim that they were founded in 2021 when the official docs show otherwise?


Anonymous said...

So the founders of The Democracy Fund

are the same guys who founded Ezra's Western Standard?

MgS said...

One wonders what sketchy lawyers were involved in setting this particular fraud up. Former politicians, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Democracy Fund directors Lyle and Lyndon Dunkley with Ezra at Ann Coulter bash:

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure CC has published all this before, just check out earlier posts. He's done a pretty good job of exposing that scam.

Anonymous said...

Why does the name Phoebe Lo and the Bao Bao With Love name ring bells....?
I can't place it but it is in relation to several other things Conservative CPC and / ONPC and likely on the sketchy scale of things that go stink. Corporate name shifting.... Where did I see this before?