Sunday, April 17, 2022


CPC MP Pierre Poilievre, already set with a government pension for life and raking in a full-time federal MP's salary, currently barnstorming the country on a tour of pure, narcissistic self-promotion while lecturing Canadians on the evils of socialism.

No, seriously, I'm not making that up.

P.S. That Poilievre has never, at any time, had an actual job but has been a public-funded hog at the trough his entire adult life reminds one of the late Molly Ivins' savage takedown of the spectacularly hypocritical GOPer Phil Gramm:

It's entertaining to watch Poilievre, whose entire adult political life has been funded exclusively by the taxpayer, mocking the idea of taxpayer-funded stuff.


Anonymous said...

Aren't conservatives always the ones who go on and on about how much they hate career politicians, "gold-plated" pensions, and they're all about term limits and such? I know, I know...let's get the obvious out of the way. It's not like they aren't known for their projection and hypocrisy. Still, it's beyond hilarious how many of these knobs end up spending most or all of their adult lives around politics, some of whom end up at or near the top of the hierarchy.

It says something that I had more non-political work experience in my first "real" job (2 1/4 years working at Wal-Mart) than the likes of Pierre Polievre, Jason Kenney, and (possibly) Andrew Scheer combined! Two of the three have become party leaders, and one is aspiring to become one himself. I was tempted to add Stephen Harper in there as well, but I don't know how long he worked at Imperial Oil. Either way, it's incredible how these jackholes kept falling up despite having little to no tangible abilities aside from "owning the libs, lol!".

I should note that both Scheer and Polievre were born the same year I was (1979), and were elected as MPs in the same year (2004) at the ripe old age of 25. Not that it necessarily means anything, but I found it to be an odd coinkydink. I mean, I guess technically they've accomplished more than I have at this point, and have a "gold-plated" pension waiting for them that they'll hate to live off of, since it's against everything they supposedly stand for. (Hah!) Hope it was worth however much it was to sell what was left of whatever soul they had.

Seriously though, it's amazing how many of these morons have spent most of their adult lives around politics, and at such young ages. I haven't even gotten into lower-ranked driftwood at the federal or provincial levels like Rob Anders and Sam Oosterhoff, the latter of whom was born nearly two months after I graduated high school in 1997. Good god, I feel old. :(

For the record, I have nothing against having an interest in politics at a younger age, but it shouldn't consume you. I couldn't imagine being at such a young age as all the above were when they entered the political arena, and having it be your entire life. If you want to get into politics, go out into the world for several years and travel, experience life, learn about other cultures, etc., then get into politics. It'll make you a much more well-rounded person, and not mentally, emotionally, and politically-stunted like a Pierre Polievre is.

Anonymous said...

Chretien arrived at age 24 but he was 56 when he became leader and 59 PM.

Brian Busby said...

Actually, Anon (1:18 PM), Chr├ętien was twenty-nine when he was first elected to the House. Prior to that, he'd been practicing law in Shawinigan. And, of course, there was the four-year period (1986-1990) in which he left politics and entered the private sector.

Skippy, by contrast, has had no employment outside politics.

MgS said...

Conservative politicians railing against what they themselves almost inevitably become is classic populist politics.

It sells astonishingly well on the prairies, and then people in other parts of the country seem to get suckered into the vortex of populism and trivial solutions to complex problems.

Pierre P is another one cut from the same cloth - his bromides for fixing problems - "crypto", "stopping immigration", and "freedumb" ... well ... you get the picture.