Friday, April 29, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The dodgening.

In case you cared, it's now a week and a half since Lloydminster's most renowned village idiot and 40-year-old UFC cosplay actor Patrick Ross was legally required to fill out and turn in a voluntary Sheriff's questionnaire, detailing his income, finances, assets and a bunch of other stuff, pursuant to my ongoing collection proceedings to relieve him of what is now a debt of around $106,000 (and growing by the hour). Thus far, I have heard nothing.

To be fair:

my regular contact at my Saskatchewan law firm appears to be off for a few days, so maybe something did in fact come in, but I have heard nothing, which means that if this is indeed the situation, then, yes, we will at some point move on to Phase 2 wherein I begin dragging in Patrick's family members for questioning under oath, a development I'm sure they're all looking forward to, whereupon we will indeed learn which of them are prepared to commit perjury to protect Patrick, and which of them are so totally done with his asshatitude.

Stay tuned ...

P.S. "Asshatitude": Being an asshat while still having totally unearned attitude. Look it up.


RossOwesDay said...

In Twatsy's latest moronic podcast, he blasts his sister Penny because he doesn't like how she uses Facebook. The hillbillies of the Ross Family are very capable of turning on each other.

CC said...

ROD: I have heard from multiple, independent sources that no one in that collection of misfits has any love for Patrick, given how he has reportedly jeopardized their financial assets. In any event, I suspect they will love him even less when they're under oath.

RogueNerdOne said...

Patrick fails to see there are people in his life that spill the tea on everything he does, and frankly what he does not do.

Getting upset and vlogging how you hate the way people use their own social media is hilarious. Once again he proves each one of our sources to be on point. No one talks to him and proof of that is he had to seek out who may have cancer. In my family, we make sure to inform the entire family if something is wrong with any of us. We do not have to seek information or find out on Facebook.

Then again, this is the guy who does nothing but ruin his life daily. I only know what he says when RoD posts it on his account. Patrick can say all he wants as far as I am concerned. He is not free from consequences for what he says.

Other than sharing my opinion of Patrick, I do not talk about him or his nonsense online. Why? Because his message goes nowhere. There is almost zero interaction on his accounts because people know he is just trying to get attention because no one around him gives him any.

All I am doing now is collecting evidence online and offline. Every time he lies about me I'm going to send a Notice of Libel. Each time. I am documenting everything, with the most detailed evidence, because of how comfortable he is lying face to face with the RCMP and others.

There are some documents I will be releasing shortly so that everyone can read them at the same time.

MgS said...

This is a question about a hypothetical scenario that may not have any grounding in reality.

Let’s say Patrick was named in his parents’ will up until a rewrite of the will after he declared bankruptcy. (Presume it was the usual “the assets shall be divided equally among the siblings” type of statement). If the parents amended the will to remove Patrick from it after his bankruptcy, would the amendment be contestable in court on the basis that the action was taken to frustrate the creditors’ attempts at collecting the debt?

… and, if the family was able to produce a signed affidavit from the deceased indicating that the reason was to “punish Patrick”, is there still a legal argument to contest the amended will?

This is, of course, the ugly intersection of two areas of law that I won’t claim a great deal of familiarity with. That, combined with some amount of under the table side deals between Patrick and his siblings could make quite the stinky mess in the courts, I would imagine.