Thursday, April 28, 2022

Track record for "The Democracy Fund" not looking good.

If anyone wants to know how wisely is being spent the many millions of dollars collected by Rebel News' tax-deductible fundraising arm "The Democracy Fund", well, they're graciously keeping track here. And there are two observations to be made about what you read there.

First, as you can see, a number of their alleged "Cases of Interest" have already moved on to the appeal phase, which means ... the defendants already lost. And unless you have a really compelling argument as to why the original ruling was massively flawed, well, you're going to lose the appeal as well. In short, half of the cases listed there are almost assuredly dead.

The other fascinating observation is that the remaining cases almost all involve raising a constitutional challenge, which means -- let's be generous -- they are going nowhere. It has already been established that the Charter does indeed allow the government to enforce rules and regulations in the context of a deadly global pandemic, so any argument along the lines of, "You're treading on me!" is very unlikely to go anywhere. Again, in short, those cases are toast as well.

So, in the end, prepare for massive, wide-sweeping failure, wherein the only winners in this grift will be the Rebel- and TDF-supplied lawyers, who will all need wheelbarrows to cart away their earnings, while the defendants have already been told they are totally and completely on the hook for their eventual fines.

I'm sure those were millions of dollars well spent.

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MgS said...

Looking at that list of cases makes me think of the last time I looked at JCCF’s list of cases. To be kind, it seems that both orgs rely on eventually managing to find a judge willing to accept their “creative” interpretations of the Charter.

Most of their interpretations seem to be drawn from US conservative takes on the American Constitution (especially Scalia’s rulings. Basically a really bad attempt to read the Charter as absolutes, with there being a clear hierarchy of priority applied. It’s a really stupid hot take since the Canadian Charter and US rights law are based on dramatically different foundations.

But … I’m sure that Ezra and his fellow travellers in the grift-o-verse will happily take $ from the rubes and pocket them. This being ultimately little more than a money laundering scheme at this point.

(Note: The JCCF is a grift, but in a slightly different track - it’s based on religious zealotry, and as such while it won’t go anywhere in the long run, I don’t think it exists just to funnel money into the pockets of Carpay and his allies. They actually believe in what they’re advocating for.