Saturday, April 09, 2022

Ezra Levant: Three words, two lies.


As I suggested earlier -- and as hard as this might be to believe -- Rebel News' Ezra Levant managed to pack two egregious falsehoods into the space of three words:

"We're suing Trudeau."

And as I pointed out, there are two independent claims being made here that are simply false:

  1. No one is "suing" anyone -- all that was submitted was a notice for judicial review.
  2. No one is suing Justin Trudeau -- the respondent listed in the application is not Justin Trudeau, but the Canada Revenue Agency.

It's actually quite something that, as much as you expect dishonesty out of Ezra Levant, it's an achievement to pack two lies into three words.

There should be a prize for that.

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Anonymous said...

The Rebel has become a marketing firm for a small cadre of ambulance chasers and the communications wing of Pierre Poilievre's leadership campaign.