Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Why Canada's fascists are terrified of the upcoming Emergencies Act inquiry.

It's entertaining to watch Canada's bigots and racists and white nationalists (*cough* Stephen Taylor *cough*) mock and downplay an inquiry into the invocation of Canada's Emergencies Act, since I think they suspect it's going to dig a whole lot deeper than just, "Did Justin Trudeau have the proper authorization to make that call?" (Spoiler: He did.)

Hey, I know, let's see what it actually says, when it describes the potential areas of investigation:

  • (A) the evolution and goals of the convoy and blockades, their leadership, organization and participants,
  • (B) the impact of domestic and foreign funding, including crowdsourcing platforms,
  • (C) the impact, role and sources of misinformation and disinformation, including the use of social media,
  • (D) the impact of the blockades, including their economic impact, and
  • (E) the efforts of police and other responders prior to and after the declaration,

Oh, my.

Yes, it does appear that there's a lot more on the table than just whether the Prime Minister is an out-of-control dictatorial fascist. (Spoiler: He isn't.)

It appears that all sorts of people are going to go under the microscope -- the people who fundraised, the social media outlets who promoted and encouraged the violence (*cough* Rebel News *cough*), the Ottawa cops who aided and abetted to the extent of helping truckers carry gas cans to their rigs ... oh, yeah, there should be some fascinating reading when this is all over, and if the final report doesn't explicitly name the numerous Conservative Party MPs who openly supported the violent siege and occupation of Ottawa's downtown core for nakedly political reasons (*cough* Candice Bergen *cough*), I will be sorely disappointed.

So, sure, bring it on, baby.


Brian Busby said...

Hear, hear!

MgS said...

The OIC makes for enjoyable reading … a few of these fascist wannabes might want to lawyer up real soon, like before the first subpoena hits their doorstep.

… and I imagine there are a few “Oliver North Shredding Parties” being planned …

Anonymous said...

51 sitting CPC MPs have endorsed Poilievre for PM; 36 of them also supported the Ottawa convoy