Thursday, April 14, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Keeping them (not) down on the farm.

It was back in December that Lloydminster's on-prem village idiot Patrick "Nexus Threat Quintuple Assholery Writer Director Thespian Bikini Mogul Creepy Stalker Kid Cash Super Mullet Bad Company High Noon Spandex UFC Cosplay Street Fighting Fire Dragon" Ross was harassing my coruscating Saskatchewan lawyer, threatening to sue me (a possibility that has recently been short-circuited by Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) delivering a letter to Patrick informing him that, given his status as a non-compliant, undischarged bankrupt without a trustee, he has no right to do that sort of crap, but that is a story for another time), with Patrick claiming that it was defamatory to suggest there was some sort of "Ross family farm" in which Patrick was rumoured to have a financial interest, and there was absolutely no such thing and it was malicious and defamatory and defamatorily malicioutudinous to even make such a fanciful and outrageous suggestion so I'd better learn some manners and govern myself according. And you know what?

It is entirely possible that Patrick is (technically) correct.

Because of Patrick's rancid huffing and puffing, I decided to expend a little more time and effort digging into that rumour and, based on what I've dug up via a more comprehensive land title search and some accommodating provincial officials, it appears (and I stress, what follows is simply what I've been told so let's stick to calling it "speculation") that, astonishingly, Patrick could actually be accurate when he insists there is no family-related farm property in Saskatchewan.

At the moment.

That is because, as I read what I have been given, the evidence suggests that there was indeed family-related farm property right where I suggested it was (outside of Marshall, SK), but that that property was sold in late 2016, so when Patrick bloviates about the non-existence of such property, it is entirely possible that he is (as is his wont) playing word games in not revealing that my claim of farmland could have been entirely true a few years ago but is no longer true now, which raises a number of interesting questions.
  1. First, is the above true? And how can one confirm it?
  2. Next, if the above is true, and Patrick had (along with his siblings) a financial interest in that property, did he in fact get his share of the sale price? Because if he did, then given his status as an undischarged bankrupt, all of that money (or, more technically, the full amount of what he owes me) would be considered an "after-acquired asset" and rightfully belongs to me. (That is not speculation; it's how bankruptcy works.)
  3. On the other hand, if the above is true but Patrick did not get his rightful share of the money from the sale of the farm, why not? If not, where did that money go? And if he was trying to conceal it from me by, say, signing it over to a relative to hang onto, that would be slam-dunk bankruptcy misconduct, and it would end very badly for him.
Truthfully, I've been sitting on this information for a short while (and, again, I stress that this is what I have been told so let's keep this as speculation), and the reason I've been hanging onto it is that, as I posted recently, pursuant to Saskatchewan's "Enforcement of Money Judgments Act" (EMJA), Patrick has just been served with the first-phase voluntary Sheriff's Questionnaire regarding his financial affairs, and that questionnaire definitely asks Patrick about any financial interests in stuff like property, so it will be interesting to see if Patrick denies any such interests because, in his mind, it's not true right this minute, since those are the kinds of games Patrick loves to play, given that he considers himself a devilishly clever boy lawyer who can get away with stuff like this.

In any event, the deadline for Patrick turning in that questionnaire is this coming Monday, whereupon we will learn whether Patrick discloses anything about property (past or present). In the meantime, starting today around noon, I will be off the grid entirely and since I ruthlessly moderate all comments left here, any comments you leave starting this afternoon won't see the light of day until Sunday at the earliest.

So I guess we'll all wait to see what happens Monday. I'll keep you posted.

P.S. Recall from one of my earlier posts that, while the voluntary questionnaire involves only Patrick, if there's evidence that he is being untruthful or simply refuses to fill it out and return it by the deadline, the next phase involves a mandatory questionnaire, wherein I will then have the right to have it served on Patrick's family members (or anyone else who can be considered to have information relevant to all of this). In short, if Patrick insists on screwing around and not taking this seriously, then his family members should expect to be served, and possibly even required to sit for questioning under oath.

As Patrick loves to say, govern yourself accordingly.


Anonymous said...

You're probably aware of this, but down the road, you might want to question Twatsy's nieces and nephews from his idiot sister Penny, since as you've mentioned there are reasons to suspect they've been used to conceal Twatrick's assets:

Colten Dykstra
Austin Dykstra
Bretan Dykstra
Tristen Dykstra
Keaton Dykstra

I think 3 of them are still minors, but even if the Twatster, Ken and the siblings all lie, I can't see some teenager lying under oath or being able to stick a consistent story under interrogation.

MgS said...

There is an interesting side dimension to this land issue. If Patrick was in any way aware of it when he declared bankruptcy (farmland doesn’t always sell quickly), then there are also questions to be asked about the completeness of his declaration at the time of assigning himself into bankruptcy …

Of course, as you say, this is all speculative and there is much to be verified about the entire picture. I imagine that land titles is very interesting in this regard, and then there would be various sundry documents associated with both the transfer of title, as well as the disposition of funds related to the sale.

Anonymous said...

His point of view is if he can get some judge to agree to his position, and get a judgement against you then he can enjoy years of amusement in collecting it. There are flaws in this plan but it would seem possible this is his plan.

Anonymous said...

This is worthy of a HBO mini-series.
If they decide to do that then I guess the Ross intellectual property rights, such as they are, will be handed over to you too

RossOwesDay said...

"Ross intellectual property" is an oxymoron.