Monday, April 18, 2022

Truly, he has a dizzying intellect.

This would be the boy lawyer expertise that explains why Patrick is in the situation he is now:

Any questions?


Anonymous said...

In that case,

I'll go to Patrick and Ken's house in Lloydminster, take a big steaming dump on their front porch every day and throw rocks through their windows as protest against Twatsy's refusal to pay his debts to you.

Under the Charter of Laws and Freedoms, my protest is legal according to Patrick!

MgS said...

The man is incapable of reading intelligently

Anonymous said...

Of course no protest is illegal, that is sort of the point of the Charter. Breaking the law while protesting, such as staying too long, intimidating people and being too loud too late is illegal whether you are doing it to express your protest or not.