Saturday, April 30, 2022


Dumbfuck white nationalists who can afford to take days off from work make their way to Ottawa riding $30,000 custom Harleys to bitch and whine about how tough times are.


Anonymous said...

Silly question time...what exactly are they protesting? If it's still Covid restrictions...could someone tell them that they won? Most restrictions have been done away with.

Hell, here in Manitoba, our Premier Heather Stefanson back in February literally said we were on our own as far as Covid and such was concerned. For instance, Covid case updates? They only happen weekly. Even finding the info itself is a pain, as it took me nearly 15 minutes searching the Government of Manitoba website to get the numbers. As far as the government and even media is concerned, Covid's no longer a thing, or barely a thing at most.

So again...what are they protesting? Having to shower more than once a month? Having to not be assholes for longer than ten seconds when around other people in public? Lack of tanning beacons for their scrotums?

C. Mike Hunt said...

Rebels without a clue.

Anonymous said...

These are just fundraising opportunities for astroturfed right-wing asshole organizations.
In an interview for one of the trucker protests that was supposedly heading to Victoria, BC a couple of months ago, one of the leaders gave the game away in an interview. He stated something along the lines of, "The liberals and NDP have enjoyed being safely in control for too long. It's time to make them uncomfortable."
It's just another in a long line of right-wing grifts.