Thursday, April 21, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Nothing yet.

Since I've been asked, no, I've had no word on whether Lloydminster's village idiot Patrick Ross turned in his Sheriff's voluntary questionnaire related to his debtorness by the deadline of this past Monday, but I'm not stressing over it since sometimes these things take time to be processed so, for all I know, he could have turned it in and the sheriffs are just taking a day or two to process it, then they would hand it off to my lawyer who might take another day or two to let me know, so I'm not losing any sleep over it yet.

From Patrick's perspective, though, if he failed to turn in anything, well, things are not going to end well for him, and for a very specific reason. See, the voluntary questionnaire is served only on the debtor and, given Patrick's history of simply ignoring legal documents, he might have decided to give a big middle finger to the authorities just out of spite. But here's the problem.

If Patrick ignores the voluntary questionnaire, I then have the option to escalate things to the next level -- the mandatory questionnaire -- which can be served on anyone I want, which would of course include Patrick's immediate family members. In short, if Patrick chooses to fuck around and play games at this point, he is most assuredly tossing his siblings under the bus, and one can safely conclude that they're probably tired of Patrick's bullshit, and will be decidedly furious if his contempt for the legal process results in them being dragged in for questioning under oath.

Yeah, I 'm guessing family dinners at the Ross household are a bit tense these days.

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