Friday, April 29, 2022

CBC "Power and Politics": A modest proposal.

Here's a thought ... you know all those CPC yahoos (Candice Bergen, Andrew Scheer, Pierre Poilievre) who made a point of publicly schmoozing with the criminals of the "Freedom Convoy" a couple months back while Ottawa's downtown core was dealing with a crippling siege?

Well, howzabout you track them down and ask them pointedly if they plan on standing in solidarity with the upcoming "Rolling Thunder" invasion of unwashed, hygienically-deficient anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers and white nationalists and, if not, well, why the hell not?

I'm sure you'll get all sorts of enlightening excuses.

P.S. You should interview RT head honcho Neil Sheard, and play this for him. I'm sure he can explain that all away, right? Right?


Anonymous said...

For those who don't want to hear old man Sheard scream about how things were better back in his day, here's a helpful transcipt of what he said in the link CC posted:

"Put the fuckin' cameras down for a bit! That's what's wrong in this fuckin' world! Everyone's got this *Points at someone's phone* fuckin' their hand! Shush! I've fuckin' earned my right to say this shit! These people with your fuckin' phones! Put them down! Shut up! I am not done talkin' to you! What is wrong with this fuckin' province! What's wrong with this country! You all got fuckin' phones in your hands! *Looks at cops* Fuck cameras! Fuck the madness! *Looks back at people* Put your fuckin' phones down! Put your phones down! That's what brought us here! These fuckin' phones! You hold it in your hand, you walk down the street, you're lookin' for clicks! You're all 'someone fuckin' look at somethin' I did!' I've got a life! For most of you people, the phone stays on the fuckin' wall when I grew up! Turn your fuckin' phones off! Get back to talkin' to people and lookin' them in the eye!"

*Points at the sky* "And don't think I'm done yelling at you clouds about how things were with you back in the day!"

Okay, the last line I made up, but there's always a chance he shouted that after he walked away.

Anonymous said...

Typical Con. Always mistaking whiny resentment for brave rebellion.

Anonymous said...

Are you actually expecting CBC's Power & Politics to actually try to be journalists? That's so cute of you.

CBC's Power & Politics is a reason I think we should not defund the CBC. Canadians deserve real news and not cheap entertainment by vapid wannabes.