Monday, April 11, 2022

Get it while it's cheap.

Less than a day after I mocked the mind-numbing vanity and narcissism of Ezra Levant selling posters of himself for $65:

lo and behold, the price is suddenly:

I'm guessing someone has a quarter million dollar judgment to pay off. But that's just a guess.


Anonymous said...

Heh. The poster comes in two sizes, which is why the line STARTS AT 49.95.

The larger version will set you back $65.OO

It's just so meme-able, with that big blank space on the left to add quotes to. What would the law say about embellishing that empty area with, oh, let's say, Ezra's admonishment not to believe him? Or a quote from the judge who founds him a liar? Could I get away with that?

Garth said...

That is awfully expensive firewood