Saturday, October 31, 2009


In which Adrian MacNair gets bitch-slapped from one side of the room to the other. Now people who happily horked up contributions to Adrian's legal fund can see how they were suckered.


AFTERSNARK: One wonders if a single one of Adrian's excitable donors is going to read what actually happened, then respond with, "Hey, waitaminnit, I was used!"

It's unlikely. They really are that stupid.


sooey said...

So, the lesson here is: don't try to reason with Internet kooks - it'll only cost YOU?

Ti-Guy said...

I miss real kooks. These squalid liars diminish us all.

Unknown said...

Say, since the suit is not going forward, does that mean he's gonna refund all those doners?

Haha, we're talking about Yo!Adrian here. He's keeping the cash.

KEvron said...

darn. i wanted to see this played all the way out. "ralphie" surely has learned nothing from this episode.


KEvron said...

"The Case Against Me" has vanished into ether. go figger.


Anonymous said...

Fool, money, parted.