Friday, October 30, 2009

Sedition on CBC

Tip of the noggin to esteemed regular Stimpson after he spotted the CBC's Kevin O'Leary recommend the burning of Parliament over the air. Seems O'Leary is one of those global free market zealots and the refusal of government to allow an Egyptian company to buy up Canadian cell phone bandwidth and compete at a cut rate is an outrage. I'm sure we'll hear the marching of the blogging right calling for all manner of penalty for such a treasonous pronouncement. Torches in the streets, burn down Parliament? I mean come on, its the CBC home of such outrages as Heather Mallick calling Palin supporters 'white trash'. That had the Canadian right, our little patriots, in a proper froth.

You can see the car go off the tracks at around the 6:00 minute mark. Co-host Amanda Lang immediately tries to slow the train wreck but in O'Leary's world Canadians don't need ownership and control of our resources (and in the modern world bandwidth is a resource), we need low prices and competition. Given the other issues at play here and on the hill, he should feel perfectly safe when a consortium of former KGB guys buy up his smart phone service provider. Jeeziz what a douche bag. If CSIS, the Cons and Liberals get their way all of our service providers will be forced to install back doors into our data. I wonder how comfortable O'Leary will be with a shell corporation fronting for our new Colombian free trade pals, with money to launder, having access to his data.

Well here's hoping he gets to have a nice little chat with some CSIS or RCMP fellows about his on air advocacy for the torching of our nation's seat of government.

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sooey said...

O'Leary, eh... Isn't that a TERRORIST! name?