Friday, October 30, 2009

The lying weaselitude of Adrian MacNair.

Serial liar Adrian MacNair yammers on and on and tediously on, then finally gets a phone call from his undoubtedly pissed legal counsel.

Gosh, isn't this fun?


Southern Quebec said...

And, in true Conservative tradition, "Comments" are off! hahahahaha

thwap said...

He's not all he cracked himself up to be.

pierre poutine said...

Besides proving himself a WATB with that yammering post, Ruffles did a simple cut-and-paste of the apology from the lawyer's letter. He couldn't be bothered to reformat so the line breaks work and it reads like a normal post. Forced to apologize, he won't do so properly.

It's his way of giving Dawg the finger, one assumes, of going down fighting like the valiant martyr hero of his me-me-me imagination. It's the passive-aggressive non-apology apology. It's weaseltude to the max. It is to laugh.

Ti-Guy said...

And, in true Conservative tradition, "Comments" are off! hahahahaha

Actually, in this case, that makes sense. You know his wingnut fans will just engage in more defamation and if Adrian wants that apology to be considered sincere, he doesn't want to be seen hosting that.

Jimmy Haulin' Hogs said...

Adrian: "a comment appeared..."

WTF? Care to tell us who the prick was that wrote the comment? I guess it just appeared on its own.

Why doesn't he tell us whether he knew he was lying when he wrote it? I don't think any apology is acceptable without one of the words "lied", "lying" or "liar" somewhere in the text.

pierre poutine said...

Adrian did exactly as he was asked -- reproduce the apology as it was handed to him in the Notice of Libel.

Not on my screen, he didn't. The apology proposed in the notice of libel is properly formated. Ruffles' reproduction of it doesn't word-wrap, which significantly reduces legibility. To wit:

"On September 1, 2009, a comment appeared on my blog
about “Dr.Dawg”
a.k.a. Dr. John Baglow, the publication of which I regret.
I have no evidence to support that Dr.Dawg is an admitted
supporter of the Taliban,
nor do I personally believe he is a supporter of the Islamist
militant group in Afghanistan.
I retract this comment and have deleted reference to it.

"I therefore apologize without reservation to Dr. Baglow
and his family for any humiliation
and embarrassment this comment may have caused them.
To express my sincerity, this notice
will remain on my website."

Of course, Ruffles can always claim it's Wordpress's fault. Maybe he can sue them for damages.

wv: birked

CC said...

Sorry, Craig, I commented on your first comment, re-read and realized I was wrong and deleted my comment, leaving your followup hanging out there in space. Sorry about that.

Besides, it's not just the formatting. Adrian significantly changed the wording to reduce his culpability. See my later blog post.

pierre poutine said...

No need to apologize, CC, but feel free to vanish my reply to your deleted reply. And great catch on the other changes Ruffles made, which slipped by me unnoticed in the late night/early morning fog. Weaseltude on steroids, eh?

wv: conid (am beginning to suspect these WVs aren't machine-generated)

Zorpheous said...

Oh God, this is just going to get messier, unless Dr. Dawg decides if he has had his allotted amount of flesh.