Friday, October 30, 2009

The ongoing lies of Adrian MacNair.

Taking a badly-needed break from geekness, so let's slap around Adrian MacNair's happy sack a bit more, shall we? First, we have Adrian's attempt at a timeline (emphasis added):

Three days after this incident, I traveled to Ontario for my brother’s wedding. During this time I was out of contact with most blogs and bloggers. Not once did I receive an email from Dr.Baglow asking me to retract, apologize, or delete the comment. Not ever have I received such an email.

Only when I returned from Ontario to find I had been served a notice of libel, did I immediately delete the comment considered offensive by Dr.Baglow.

And when exactly did Adrian return from Ontario? Oh:

Friday Photography
September 11, 2009 — Raphael Alexander

Well, I’m headed off to the Bruce Peninsula again tomorrow, which means I’ll be back outside of high-speed internet range. My vacation lasts until Sunday, and then I’ll back in B.C. to write regularly again.

And if Friday is Sept 11 and Adrian's vacation lasts until Sunday, that would put him back in B.C. on Sept 13, maybe Sept 14 or even Sept 15 if we're generous and give him a day or two to unpack, but it would be odd for Adrian to have arrived back in B.C. "to find I had been served a notice of libel" when that very Notice of Libel is clearly reproduced at Adrian's blog and is clearly dated Sept. 18. Ergo, it is highly unlikely that Adrian arrived back in B.C. from Ontario to find the aforementioned Notice of Libel waiting for him.

I could go on, but I think the lesson to Adrian's current financial supporters is obvious: Adrian is lying to you. But, hey, feel free to ask him to resolve these apparent discrepancies. I'm sure the entertainment value would be off the scale.

: You have to love how Adrian is such a sleazy little turd in refusing to take responsibility for his own words. As I read the Notice of Libel, he's been requested to post an apology, which reads, in part:

... I made certain statements about Dr. John Baglow ... that I regret making ... I apologize to Dr. Baglow and his family for any humiliation and embarrassment my comments may have caused them.

Blunt, direct and to the point, openly admitting authorship of said comments and apologizing for them. But what is this that Adrian actually published? Oh, dear:

On September 1, 2009, a comment appeared on my blog about “Dr.Dawg” a.k.a. Dr. John Baglow, the publication of which I regret.

I have no evidence to support that Dr.Dawg is an admitted supporter of the Taliban, nor do I personally believe he is a supporter of the Islamist militant group in Afghanistan. I retract this comment and have deleted reference to it.

I therefore apologize without reservation to Dr. Baglow and his family for any humiliation and embarrassment this comment may have caused them. To express my sincerity, this notice will remain on my website.

"a comment appeared"? Wow, way to take responsibility, Adrian. If you hadn't been following this before now, you'd have no inkling that Adrian was the actual author of that comment, and not just a passive bystander.

I don't think Adrian's really learned anything here yet. I think the public spanking needs to continue.

LuLu here: Just because this will never, ever, NEVER get old, I thought I'd be oh-so-helpful and point out the lovely screen cap we have of Adrian's original comment.

Isn't it gorgeous?


Unknown said...

Quoting Adrian McNair in his own blog comments is apparently a no-no and will get your comment deleted, so I'll reproduce my comment here:

FredfromBC advises McNair:
“Your recourse is simple: counter-sue the whiny little bitch for calling you a racist”

My deleted response:
A guy on record describing Vancouver as having a “Chinese problem” and calling for end to Chinese immigration, sueing someone for calling him a racist? Good luck with that.

Unknown said...

More lying MacNair.
Contrast the MacNair who sucked it up made the big sacrifice and moved to BC to find work because he doesn't belong to the 'culture of entitlement', etc.:
"It’s the modern “culture of entitlement” problem. Politicians are ordered to bring jobs to the people, instead of the natural order of history whereby people migrated to the boom locales.

I mean, sure we’re “all” immigrants in Canada in one way or another. My great-great grandfather stepped off the boat in 1854 [literally] and worked the land in Ontario. His son also worked the land until he lost it to the bank. My grandfather worked all around Ontario, finally moving from the far north of Timmins to the south in Toronto just for work. Back then you couldn’t just hold out your hand or wait for E.I.

And then there’s my own situation. I moved to B.C. when the economy showed signs of tanking in early 2008. The reality is that sometimes you have to make your own prosperity."

with the MacNair who "moved
from Toronto to Vancouver, primarily for the climbing."

Hahaha! What an asshole!