Friday, October 09, 2009


Apparently, there are no downsides to capitalism. Who knew?


GaryB said...

Of course the technology produced by an ever improving scientific process had nothing to do with it.

Ya, right.

Ti-Guy said...

"Capitalism is perfect. As proof, I offer the counter-example, North Korea.

'Nuff said."

Give Gerry Nicholls the Nobel Prize in economics, stat.

Anonymous said...

I see that you are linking to Libertas Post, that in itself is a treasure trove of "teh stupid"

Their "about us" states:
The Libertas Post provides a strong, principled, non-partisan voice for Canadians who believe in free markets, smaller government and individual freedom. We use the media to engage in public discussion, to counter left-wing misinformation and to make the case for economic and political freedom.
How can you be non-partisan if your goal is to counter "left-wing" misinformation?
What about "right-wing" misinformation?

As for non-partisan voice, that's a great idea...
Let's see, who writes for them?
dr. roy

Joseph Ben-Ami (Widely regarded as one of Canada’s leading conservative thinkers and strategists - Joseph C. Ben-Ami is the president of the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies, an independent conservative think-tank.)

Raphael Alexander (still using that moniker, I see).

Timothy Mak (Tim Mak is a Washington, D.C.-based reporter for David Frum's .... employment with the Office of the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Fraser Institute and the American Enterprise Institute. )

Earlier, Ti-Guy wrote:
I've never been so mistrustful of people championing "freedom" in my entire life. There's something truly cynical about the whole thing.

I'd say that anyone who looks to Libertas Post for "non-partisan" information is going to be sadly disappointed...

I'd register to counter all their misinformation but I can't be bothering with the truly stupid....

Romantic Heretic said...

Um, can they explain China to us then?

Ti-Guy said...

China is evil. The end.

sooey said...

I think the fact that there is a product for sale called the leaf blower tells us everything we need to know about capitalism.

Metro said...

sooey FTW.

MgS said...

Capitalism has no downsides only if you actually believed Ayn Rand's fiction.