Thursday, October 08, 2009

There's gullible, and then there's Kate McMillan.

Blogging Tory Kate McMillan channels Maria "Dodo Can Spell" Nunes, if Maria were severely retarded. And there's always reality.

, that would be this Kate McMillan. In case you cared.

Hilariously, Kate's blogroll contains the site "Little Green Footballs," who thinks she's an idiot. That's just adorable, no?


Metro said...

"... if Maria were severely retarded."


Sorry. Cheap shot, but too tempting to miss.

Backseat Blogger said...

jeez.. what's up cc? you haven't snarked 'jabba the roy' in ages!

Ti-Guy said...

Maria's not retarded. She's psychotic.

And then there's the unsavoury "Backseat Blogger," whose exact emotional and mental disposition continues to mystify us all.

liberal supporter said...

Backseat Blogger reminds me of a backseat driver.

Ti-Guy said...

Well that apparently is his whole shtick, but these pointless, off-topic drive-by's are just mystifying.

Backseat Blogger said...

hmm...and calling a person retarded is not a smear?

CC said...

My word, BB, but you whingers are a delicate bunch, aren't you?

Balbulican said...

"hmm...and calling a person retarded is not a smear?"

As in "fucking violent retards", Shaidle's characterization of Arabs, you mean?

CC said...

Here, Balb, let me save BB the trouble of replying:

"I don't see your point, that's different because it's true."

If I knew BB's accent, I would have thrown it in for good measure.