Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On the other hand ...

Shorter useless dingbat Peter MacKay: "Being concerned about the torture of Afghan detainees while still supporting our troops? But ... but ... that's holding two independent thoughts at once! How is that possible?"

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, this is precious. After insulting everyone who was looking for information, Defence Minister Peter MacKay is, by God, determined to get some information, no matter who he has to throw under a bus:

MacKay wants answers in Afghan torture warnings case

OTTAWA — Defence Minister Peter MacKay says he intends to find out why reports warning of the possible torture of Afghan prisoners early in the Kandahar mission never made it to his desk.

Yes sir, Inspector Gadget is on the case, and if someone else's career has to go down in flames to protect his, well, that's a price he's willing to pay. If I were one of MacKay's underlings, I'd be cleaning out my desk right about now cuz I'm pretty sure where that buck is going to stop.


thwap said...

His blatant, cynical lying will probably convince his party's ignorant, hateful fan-base. It'll probably be enough for the apathetic majority as well.

mikmik said...

Here in Alberta, we look to an even more radically right-wing party when conservative incompetence gets out of hand, FFS. It's as if apathy isn't bad enough, let's pick something worse when we bother to do anything about it.