Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dodo and the burning stupid.

Yes, yes, it's appallingly low-hanging fruit but, really, it's a guilty pleasure as Blogging Tory Maria "Dodo is a Retard" Nunes happily ingests whatever right-wing swill is placed in front of her:

This is a review of Peter Schweitzer's Do as I Say (Not as I do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy. The book was published in 2006 and has revealed how the leftists go about their lives in the most rotten way, while continuously criticizing Conservatives for being racist and attributing to us every evil performed under the sun. He has chosen 11 well-known personalities who are constantly in our faces and thrown light on their hypocrisy...

Comedian Al Franken has criticized Republicans for being indifferent to black unemployment. But of “112 people whom Franken either hired directly or had a strong influence in determining whether they would work on a project,” only one was black.

And then there's reality:

Being Franken
To the Editor

Dear Right-Wing People,

On Monday, August 21 [2006] Catherine Seipp wrote a piece on your website that perpetrates a nasty myth about my record as an employer...

Ms. Seipp is correct on one point. The misinformation she disseminates is from Peter Schweizer’s book. But let’s take these one-by-one. I do not rail against audiences for not employing more minorities. What Schweizer was referring to is a joke I tell when I give speeches at a lot of corporate events. The joke is: “First of all I want to congratulate (name of company) for not giving into that whole affirmative action nonsense.”

There was a “non-white” student who helped research Lies and the Lying Liars. I was never executive producer of SNL, but when I served as producer for the 1985-6 season, we hired Danitra Vance, who was both a writer and a cast member and was African American. (Danitra has since passed, although National Review did not give it the attention it gave to Belushi’s death, because, I assume, she was black.)

One of my researcher/producers on my Air America show is black. When we first started, the second researcher I hired was black. He left to finish Yale Law School. Our archivist is black.

In his book Schweizer makes up some statistic that I’ve hired something like a 107 people during my career and only one has been black. First of all, it appears that Schweizer came up with his number by rather creatively manipulating the definition of who I’ve hired. For example, he counts the writers of my projects. Well, I am a writer, often the sole writer, on all my projects. So he counts me several times. And, yes, I admit it. I am always white.

Also, he includes the producers of my projects, almost all of which I produce. Since the projects I produce are those for which I am a writer, he counts me twice for each of those. And again, when I produce, I am always white.

For some reason, Schweizer doesn’t include Sanaa Lathan, a cast member of my sit com Lateline, nor Lenny Garner who directed an episode of that show. Sanaa is now a movie star, but not because of Lateline. Schweizer doesn’t include any of the skilled crew of that show or any of the other projects that I’ve been involved in.

I thank you for the opportunity to correct the record, particularly since Doubleday refuses to do so for the paperback version of Schweizer’s book.

Your pal,

Al Franken
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I'd try to educate Maria but, let's face it, she's uneducatable. I'm sure you've noticed that by now.


Dr.Dawg said...

Ineducable, shurely.

GaryB said...

And just who are you calling Shurely?

thebanana said...

There you go once again confusing poor Dodo with those pesky "facts" as you call them.
Facts are for suckers. So 20th Century.

Ti-Guy said...

Catherine Seipp...another Canadian who disgraced us all when she moved South. Oh, least she had the good grace to die.

And if that seems harsh, I don't effing care.

KEvron said...

"And if that seems harsh, I don't effing care."

is your piety genuine, or just a kuwtj pretense?


Ti-Guy said...

is your piety genuine, or just a kuwtj pretense?

A what pretence?

KEvron said...

yeah, i don't have access to google, either.

look, it's no skin off my pudding if you want to indulge in that kind of rhetoric, but it does disappoint me, because i think - i hope - you're better than that.

yeah, yeah, i know....


Ti-Guy said...

yeah, i don't have access to google, either.

Sorry. I Googled "kuwtj pretense" and the only hit told me nothing, so I assumed it was a typo.

because i think - i hope - you're better than that.

Oh, no. I'm not. At all. But, on the bright side, if I do express a heartfelt emotion, you can guarantee it's sincere.

Take the good with the bad.

KEvron said...

always have.