Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's a fortunate man that's found his calling.

Good for you, Adrian:

I have no idea why, but the traffic is hitting some real highs lately. Broadening my reader base has been a goal of mine for a long time [which is probably the most obvious statement a writer can make], and it’s nice to see that it’s slowly but surely happening. I’m also really getting my writing syndicated more these days, as other bloggers like Jack’s Newswatch, and Dust my Broom are picking up my stuff, and I’ve just recently started getting cross-posted to Gerry Nicholls’ new website for libertarians: Libertas Post. I’ve also added the entire archive of my contributions to the National Post in my “portfolio” page, which is nearing 130 entries since this January.

And what's behind this sudden surge in popularity? Ah, here we go:

My entry on Sarah Palin in the National Post on October 2 had about 35,000 hits in three days, thanks to some of the big blogs picking it up in the south, like Hot Air. Thanks to the many readers who sent me emails telling me how much they liked it.

Apparently, Adrian has discovered a fundamental truth in the Drool-o-sphere: Anyone with a minimal talent at wordsmithing and no standards whatsoever can build themselves a mighty fine readership simply by whoring themselves out to the lowest common denominator -- bloggily speaking. And Adrian settles in nicely, rummaging through the laundry hamper and coming up with a nicely used pair of Sarah Palin's unmentionables, then getting down to business:

There are a lot of conservatives who don’t like Sarah Palin, and they're probably quite right to do so. It’s true that her popularity is not derived from her wit, intelligence, or cerebral prowess in general. In fact, that’s what makes her so alluring to millions of Americans, and a fair share of Canadians, in the first place. She isn’t another summa cum laude graduate from Princeton like Sonia Sotomayor. She doesn’t strike anyone as an academic, or even draw upon her education during interviews with the media in order to impress upon people her knowledge and insights. And that again appeals to the ordinary people throughout the United States who embrace her.

Yes, that's our Sarah -- not one of those hoity-toity, latte-sipping, Volvo-driving liberals. Just reg'lar folk, that Sarah. A "real" American, you know. Ordinary people. One wonders if Adrian had to restrain his gorge while writing that, or whether he's just plain given up and is willing to whore himself out to whatever topic puts a stiffy in his Sitemeter stats.

Whatever the reason, I'm sure Adrian knows exactly the audience he's pandering to, attracting comments on his Post article such as:

by welldoneson
Oct 02 2009
4:36 PM

You can tell Palin is a good candidate by just how much hate she gets from the hard left.


by Sassylassie
Oct 02 2009
5:01 PM

I concur weldonson, the left's hatred of her is pathological and frankly more than a little scary.


by chessmaster
Oct 02 2009
5:33 PM

This lady drives left wing nuts crazy! Which is probably why I find her to be remarkably refreshing and quick on her feet - I have a strange feeling that in the years to come there are going to be a lot people down south surprised by what she will achieve as she has been written off by a lot of people - which is always a good sign for great achievements - a dollar will get you a timbit there are a lot of people underating her right now - if she is smart this can be very useful


by MBC26
Oct 02 2009
6:39 PM

I believe Sarah is going to be the next President. Mind you she is not a Community Activist by trade. She did not attend the Church with a Minister who is a radical and hates America. She is not surrounded by the Chicago Mob as her protectors. Hollywood hates her with a passion because she makes them all look like inbreeding ingrates. With all these things against her she is strong enough to prevail and succeed.


by wnaegele
Oct 02 2009
7:54 PM

As "dumb" and "ignorant" as Palin is alleged to be, she is about to tear a collective new one in elitists' lily-livered backsides...

and ... well, you get the idea. So congratulations, Adrian. As I said before, it's a lucky man that finally finds his intellectual level, so it must be a relief for you to finally give up trying to write anything of substance or value, and just pander to the ignorant mob purely for the sake of the unthinking adulation.

Perhaps a Senior Fellowship at the Manning Centre for Building Democracy awaits. Chase your dreams, Adrian. That's what I always say. Nothing is out of reach for the blogger who's willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of having no principles whatsoever for the sake of those precious Sitemeter numbers.

Ask Kate McMillan.

P.S. I notice that the soon-to-be-defunct National Post is still publishing Adrian under his nom de blog, with no disclosure to its readership that that's not his real name. I'm pretty sure that that says everything about the Post that needs to be said, none of it good.

AFTERSNARK: Playing to his new base, Adrian perpetuates the latest talking point:

Raphael Alexander: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the self-hating Jew

And then there's reality. Luckily, Adrian's new fans aren't terribly interested in reality. I see a bright future for that boy. A future which doesn't involve any respect for facts or brown people, but a bright future, nonetheless.

: Whenever I hear someone praising the notion of, you know, "real" Americans or the ordinary people, the man on the street as it were, I am inevitably reminded of:

I'm sure that requires no explanation.


Balbulican said...

"You can tell Palin is a good candidate by just how much hate she gets from the hard left."

Cool. By that standard, the Nazi Muslim Communist Kenyan Obama must be the greatest president in history.

But give Adrian credit. He's come up with a formula which allows him to say nothing at tremendous length, on any topic. It goes something like this.

"I have noted that some people say (insert). Mind you, I myself do not necessarily agree wholeheartedly, because other people have said (insert). Nonetheless the issue is a complex one, and requires ongoing vigilance and attention. Thank you.

CC said...

And don't forget to question someone's "Canadian-ness" based on the colour of their skin. That's always good for a few extra readers. It's worked for Adrian so far.

sooey said...

She did everything short of coming out on stage in blackface to whip up racist sentiment. She's the Stupid White Folk Hero.

Unknown said...

Rob, you are suffering from a form of “penis envy”, go get some therapy, everything will be ok.

Adrian is on the cutting edge, while snark is going the way of slap stick.

Dr.Dawg said...

Adrian is on the cutting edge

Jeebus, I nearly lost a keyboard. Don't do that again.

M@ said...

I find her to be remarkably refreshing and quick on her feet

God, I just love the right's love for this gal. It's delightfully surreal.

Canukns17 said...

You should try living in Kansas with all the Crazies. We moved to a suburb of Kansas City 4 years ago, from N.S. and some days I feel like I am on the "Mother Ship of Crazy". Thank goodness I can read Canadian newspapers and blogs online line in order to get a non-American point-of-view of the real world. I am surrounded by people who really think Sarah Palin is great and that President Obama is a horrid "Socialist". It can be very trying some days to not scream out loud "You are all nuts!".

Metro said...

Is it just me, or is there a whiff of desperation in Adrian's pandering?

Does it read to anyone else as though he's casting a nice wide net, perchance to lure someone from, say, Stormfront or somewhere to offer him another cushy post writing drivel?

I mean, the National Past is going under (admittedly not alone, but in spectacular fashion). Maybe he's cruising for a job fellating Republicans.

Tories have this unhealthy crush on the US. In fact I think it's safe to say most of them love and admire the US more than Canada, so it would make a certain sense, eh?

WV= "carksh"
"'Raphael Alexander' published another load of carksh today."

Ti-Guy said...

It’s true that her popularity is not derived from her wit, intelligence, or cerebral prowess in general.

Christ, Adrian can't write.

thwap said...

He started out pretending to be non-partisan. But his limitations soon became evident and he's reduced to praising Sara Palin.

People who watch that babbling moron and see their saviour are people who should be marginalized.

For the sake of

Unknown said...

Moa Zedong said:

"The socialist system will eventually replace the capitalist system; this is the objective law independent of man's will. However much the reactionaries try to hold back the wheel of history, sooner or later revolution will take place and will inevitably triumph.

There is a serious tendency towards capitalism among the well-to-do peasants. This tendency will become rampant if we in the slightest way neglect political work among the peasants during the co-operative movement and for a long period after.

Apart from their other characteristics, the outstanding thing about China's 600 million people is that they are "poor and blank." This may seem to be a bad thing, but in reality it is a good thing. Poverty gives rise to the desire for change, the desire for action and the desire for revolution. On a blank sheet of paper free from any mark, the freshest and most beautiful characters can be written, the freshest and most beautiful picture can be painted."

If we enjoy our "stuff" democracy and capitalism need to succeed, anyone writing eloquently on the issues like Adrian keep you "poor and blank" leftists in check, and hopefully informed. Moonbats.

M@ said...

Is it safe to assume, now, that according to Adrian, Ahmadinejad is not an Iranian, but in fact an "Iranian"?

Dr.Dawg said...

writing eloquently on the issues like Adrian

OK, that does it. Missed the keyboard this time, but I'm sending you my drycleaning bill.

thwap said...


You shit yourself again.

Unknown said...

"Poor blank" thwap, truth hurts.

Balbulican said...

"Moa Zedong said:"

"Moa" Zedong? The extinct, flightless revolutionary?

liberal supporter said...

"Poor blank" thwap, truth hurts.
Sure would be nice to see something other than condescending sneering. Any criticism of Sarah Palin gets "you're scared of her" and any criticism of attempts at projection such as "poor blank" get "truth hurts".

In both cases of course, the reason for these kinds of responses is that the criticism is valid and there is no rebuttal possible, so they resort to channel changing attempts such as Wayne's sneering.

It seems "poor and blank" best describes the many CPC supporters who are not rich, supporting CPC policies which mainly benefit the rich. They are relatively poor and have proved effective blanks for writing the CPC party line on. Often this support comes from the dream of saving on taxes by cutting government programs that benefit other poor people (while leaving subsidies for industries such as the oil patch and of course continuing to subsidize churches).

Another named for this phenomenon among CPC supporters is "Stockholm syndrome".

Lindsay Stewart said...

Wayne, you have achieved a unique level of stupid that defies comedy. The joy of mockery is lost in your case because there's really not much that you are able to comprehend. You are the perfect consumer, you'll buy what you're told without a glance, you'll swallow every line with nary a critical thought in your neurally underpopulated noggin. You are the child of Barnum, a dupe, a rube, the very soul that brings gladness to a carnie's heart. It is a wonder that you can operate an opposable thumb. You and Raphelxander deserve each other. Somewhere else. Go on. There's a good fellow, bugger off.

Metro said...

What thwap said to you earlier?
Consider it thirded.

If you want to advance an argument, why not try that, instead of merely sighing "Isn't he the cutest thing?" and claiming anyone who doesn't like him is a commie, eh?

Unknown said...

I'm skeptical of everything and everyone.

Raph makes great points that I agree with more than what I read at say.... Stage Left.

There are truths hidden in thwaps blog that are lost in the venom, which is a real loss.

Mockery just hardens hearts and positions, until everyone is shouting at the same time, where common ground cannot be found.

Unknown said...


I admire the US founding fathers and their constitution/declaration/rule of law.

Dr.Dawg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time, Wayne. The next Harperjugend rally is at 8 am Sharp tomorrow, and I'd hate to be late and barge into the rally in the middle of the Two Minute Hate where your burn Iggy's books in a giant bonfire.

Now go, because you have a pair of jackboots to polish.


Unknown said...

Politically correct thought control is more your lefty speed heir Doc.

I rather like most of what Iggy has written.... he just is not following his beliefs.

thwap said...

There are no truths hidden in Wayne's blog. Everything is lost in the stupid, which makes it a complete waste of time.

Frank Frink said...

25 comments posted before I got here?

That always means one of two things: Twatsy dropped by; or Wayne.

Was I right?

Unknown said...

thwap=hate/venom nothing more.

Hi Frank.

Anonymous said...

God knows I love Sarah Palin. Just like Random Commenter #4 says, she doesn't have a crazy pastor who hates America; just a crazy pastor who chases witches out of town (like a true American). And her tireless crusade against socialism while redistributing oil profits to Alaska's citizens simply brings a tear to my eye.
Sarah in 2013.5!!

Bismark said...

I love how Wayne and Patrick can't seem to get more than a handful of comments on their own blogs in months of posting but their remarks on other people's websites seem to stir up a shitstorm of reaction. Funny that.

CC said...

I am amused by the way Wayne contemptuously dismisses us all as intellectually irredeemable, yet shows up anyway. One wonders what his point is.

thwap said...

That he's a dipshit.