Monday, October 26, 2009

Here, let me summarize that for you.

Shorter Canadian Drool-o-sphere: "As complete retards who have been screeching and howling relentlessly about Michael Ignatieff's long absence from Canada which meant that he could not possibly have been paying attention to Canada and that makes him utterly unfit for political office here, we are totally down with the fact that Stephen Harper pays absolutely no attention to Canadian news. Because Michael Ignatieff's alleged indifference is completely appalling. Stephen Harper's? Eh, not so much."


thwap said...

Gad! Would that such idiocy was adequately punished rather than obscenely rewarded!

liberal supporter said...

We already know Harper thinks Canada is a second rate socialist country. Labouring under the yoke of Canadian communism, complete with our version of Pravda, Harper seeks the truth by listening to Radio Free Canada.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Before long Harper will have all the time he wants to watch Fox "News", if it still exists by then.

Ti-Guy said...

The kernel of dishonesty here is the constant repetition from the Harper toadies that he doesn't like to watch himself on the news.

When, outside of scripted announcements, is Harper even on the news? And if thinks news of the government is actually news "about him" well, that just shows what autocrat and narcissist he is.

Holly Stick said...

He likes to watch himself on the wall, in the newspapers, etc., etc.

"...Stephen Harper is the first Prime Minister in Canadian political history to regularly send out official photographs of himself to the national media, sometimes four times a day..."

link at Calgary Grit:

Pity the man - he's trying to start a personality cult and has no personality to work with.

CK said...

He just Wuvs Glenn Beck and the rest of 'em over at Fox News