Thursday, October 08, 2009

It’s different when Conservatives do it.

I can't believe I have to explain that.


Unknown said...

No, it is not different.

But.... the CPC have tried to get an elected senate and would like elected judges. But the oposition do not want those things...... so you play by the rules you were given. Simple.

thebanana said...

The rules say you have to appoint hacks? Please.

The Seer said...

Guys. Stop. Think. You want a job in Canada's New Government, it takes $250. Evidently, they really don't look at the amount. They just look at whether you support the Tories, rather then, say, and anti-Canadian party. Doesn't seem to me like a high price for a judgeship.

Ti-Guy said...

But.... the CPC have tried to get an elected senate

They have not, you rube.

The Seer said...

It's also different when Republicans do it. This is too good to pass up

Lindsay Stewart said...

Wayne describes himself as..."Simple."

So, so true.

Metro said...

Yeah ... elected judges ... because that works so very well. And presumably elected prosecutors.

All so that our justice system can be interpreted in the light of whatever fleeting opinion is popular.

Thanks, I'll take politically immune appointees who actually read law, thanks.

As to the Senate, it has my vote for remaining just as it is.

The problem for the Harpercons is that after denouncing the Senate and justice system (Oh those "activist" judges who actually know, like, laws and stuff!) for being "unaccountable" (read: not subject to populist rightwing dogma), they take full advantage when they can to stuff it full of hacks.

Senator Mike Duffy is a prime case in point.

But let no-one call it patronage ...

Unknown said...

"lovin every minute of it"

Yup, it is patronage. Just playing the game.

Whether is was Harpers fine singing or appointments, the CPC are now close to 40% in the polls.

Ti-Guy said...

Whether is was Harpers fine singing or appointments, the CPC are now close to 40% in the polls.

Like I've always said, this is the only thing they have..."sticking it to everyone else."

The lesson you wingnuts have forgotten, the one the Mulroney years and the parliamentary crisis last year should have taught you all too well, is that when the payback comes, it will be harsh.

Cameron Campbell said...

Wayne, they haven't tried to get an elected or effective senate. Do you know who tried to, once a year, via a private members bill, for pretty much his whole career?

Stanley Knowles.

Do you know which party he sat for?


He was deadly serious about it.

My guess is that he was the last person who was serious about it.

Seriously Wayne, you guys are in charge. No one has brought the government down except the government. When Martin was "leader" and then when Dion was trying to be the leader, you could have done anything you bloody well wanted with impunity.

So take your cry baby "oh we're always thwarted by the nasty lefties, even when we're, you know, in charge" and stuff it up your fucking urethra.

Now, fuck off back to making poopoo jokes at the kiddy table with the other BTs and send over some of the remnant PC grown ups or you'll get no desert.

(Goddamn, I miss adult conservatives, I really do)

Ti-Guy said...

Goddamn, I miss adult conservatives, I really do.

They're gone forever. The only ones I know of are in their 70 and 80's right now. True social and fiscal conservatives, who believe modelling conservative behaviour is more effective than this hypocritical and hectoring bilge these dimwits are engaging in. Which, as well all know, they're doing while they're cheating on their partners and their taxes.

Isn't that right, Wayne?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the BS while playing your violin Ti-Guy, now go find yourself a closet and pull a Carradine.

Ti-Guy said... go find yourself a closet and pull a Carradine.

Modern conservatism, ladies and gentlemen.

thwap said...

Good, substantive comeback to Cameron Campbell's response Wayne.

You're incapable of sustained thought and honest debate, so you keep spinning around and around in your world of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.

Unknown said...

Thanks thwap.

I don't listen to Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh!!!

I listen to Andrew Wilkow and Mark Levin.

Other than an elected senate I disagree with almost everything Stanley Knowles stood for: in particular his stance on the welfare state and social justice policy.

thebanana said...

Run along Wayne, the adults are talking.

Unknown said...

Great advice coming from a fruit.

"No, it is not different."

How is that hard to understand?

What do you want thwap, a point by point about what I disagree/agree with and ideas/solutions? Didn't think so.

thwap said...


You lie. You told me on my blog that you listen to Ann Coulter.

I don't know who Wilkow is, but I know that Mark Levin is an imbecile. I listened to him.

I don't really want you to attempt a point-by-point rebuttal with anyone because I'm pretty sure it would be an exercise in futility and a display of incompetence.

But what I want out of you ought to be immaterial to your desire and ability to deal honestly with someone when they respond seriously to your contributions.

The fact is you didn't even try because you're happy in your world of delusion and lies.

LuLu said...

Great advice coming from a fruit.

Wayne, you adorable homophobic mouthbreather you, stop being tiresome and crawl back under your rock.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

thwap: After reading and listening to Ann Coulter, I found her dishonest, so I quit. I've become quite skeptical of my "heroes" since I have commented on your blog.

I've also been reading a lot on US foreign policy, lots of scary stuff, it gives me insight into why the world is in the mess it is today.

If you were fully honest, you would admit we all have our own concept of reality, our own delusions.

Some lies are hard to detect, if I don't have unbiased information, how am I to know the difference or the truth.

LuLu: "thebanana" is a fruit is it not?

I am hardly homophobic, although I am adorable and my allergies make it so I have to breathe through my mouth from time to time.

I am an enigma.

Ti-Guy said...

An enigma? No you're not. You're as transparent and uncomplicated as it's possible to be.

All you wingnuts are. It's your most striking characteristic. That, and a baffling absence of a sense of humour.

Unknown said...

Ti-Guy... all snark no substance.

Your prejudice and intolerance against those who you consider a wingnut is sick, your humour flat.

Did I mention that the CPC is at 40% in the polls. I'm smiling.

CC said...

Would everyone please stop picking on Wayne? Intellectually speaking, it's like kicking a quadraplegic out of their wheelchair.

Metro said...

"Some lies are hard to detect, if I don't have unbiased information, how am I to know the difference or the truth."

Fine, Wayne. But "unbiased information" doesn't equate to "intellectually dishonest, reality-bending right-wing talking points."

For example, where do you stand on evolution? That would tell one a great deal about your attitude toward information.

And Coulter isn't simply dishonest. She should be taken in by kind people, heavily medicated, and permitted to read nothing heavier than "Highlights" magazine.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the intelligent comments and quetions.

Evolution is a fact, just as gravity is a fact.

Metro said...

Late coming back. Sorry.

Okay, that much we can agree on.

So would you also agree that having a creationist as Science and Technology Minister is a bad idea?

Or at least that it's not an apt choice when the country is full of better candidates?