Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Orly, Orly, Orly ...

The train wreck you can't look away from.


Southern Quebec said...

...and why would you want to?

Where else but in America could you find a Dentist/Lawyer/Real Estate Agent immigrant who sounds like a cartoon characher challenging a sitting President over his place of birth and questioning the credibility of the court system at the same time?

Srsly? I am waiting for Hunter to come out and say that the Progressive hate strong women. Popcorn?

sooey said...

Especially the weak women Progressives.

thwap said...

I'm of two minds about Orly Taitz. (Actually, I'm of three minds: Most of the time I don't give a shit about her or her cause.) On the one hand there's no way that she can be satisfied, since the State of Hawaii has vouchsafed for the authenticity of the short-form birth certificate and she refuses to accept this, were Obama to get the State of Hawaii to produce the long-form thingamabobby she's given nobody cause to believe that she'd trust the State of Hawaii. She'd simply say there's a huge conspiracy to have created a long-form forgery.

On the other hand, people trash her for her looks, her voice, the Quixotic nature of her cause. A lot of the dismissal isn't based on an objective criticism of her errors but on things having to do with appearances or her lack of social status. That sort of dismissive arrogance is often meted out to leftists whose cause is good.

For instance, she's interpreted as claiming that her mother and grandmother faked Obama's US citizenship so that he could run for president some day. That's not what she says. She says they ran birth announcements in the Hawaii newspapers so that he could obtain all the other benefits of US citizenship. It's only when he ran for president that there's been this huge need to cover up the truth.

At the end of the day I think she's insane and most likely (I haven't really bothered to check) a total racist. But when I see a little person going up against powerful interests and being trashed because of the unique aspects of her appearance or by distortions of her actual arguments, I feel compelled to say something.

Ti-Guy said...

Before defending Taitz, you might first find out how much she's raked in on this (and other) scams.

Peoplesvoice said...

You ought better to discuss the merits of this cause rather than Orlys personality or hair. This is the classic sexism and other ism people complain we ought to be above. I was one of if not the 1st to demand that my Secretary of State verify the birth status. Just stop with the leftist race card. It's ignorant of you opiners who don't seem to know that Orly, myself and dozens of others sued agaist Mccain and the green carded Calero also. I can also tell you from my personal connection that this effort is at conciderable personal expense both money and time and is done for love of country. Perhaps it takes a life in Russia to understand. So really educate yourselves. Check out my web site and any number of linked sites. Read some of the material and then discuss. There are well formulated arguments and solid arguments. No rants. 
Look, some 30% of Americans think as we do that proof needs to be slapped onto the table and that the courts need to resolve the other significant contention that NBC status requires both parents to be citizens. This requirement avoids dual citizenship problems and possible conflict of loyalties. 
Given the communist direction this president is leading, such concerns of our founding fathers is anything but a mute point!