Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jesus, Mary, Mother of God, the burning stupid.

How mudfortunate:

I am saddened that a blogger is suing my friend Raphael Alexander. Dr Dawg should have just emailed Raph and settled their differences. Raph lives on the west coast, that's why he didn't [sic] your emails until much later.

How the fuck does someone that stupid manage to put his panties on the right way in the morning?

That was creepily appropriate, wasn't it?


Rev.Paperboy said...

Yeah, Doc - and Dawg probably emailed on the weekend and you know they don't deliver email on the weekend.

Dr.Dawg said...

ROTFLMAO!!! Thanks, I needed that. :)

sooey said...

The Right must be getting donor fatigue by now.

Filcher said...

You must remember that they are ideological cousins to Orly, who is suing Bill Orally

She has also been admonished by the Judge in her latest legal foray due to applying "undue pressure" and perhaps coaching witnesses to lie.

She truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Metro said...

Is Taitz really suing O'Reeeealy?

It ... It's like a right-wing cannibalistic '69 orgy or something.

Ugh ... And now I have to go get CSIS to brainwash that image from my mind.

WV = "likma"
... And now I have to go have it done again.