Friday, October 30, 2009

Conservatives are retards.

Apparently, no one in the Stephen Harper Party of Canada understands how to use a spreadsheet.

AND SPEAKING OF DEMOCRACY, one would think that a fundamental hallmark of true democracy would be a working level of transparency and accountability, particularly as it pertains to accurately tracking humongous amounts of public money. One wonders, then, what Captain Canada Stephen "I am all about the democracy" Taylor thinks of this latest fiasco.

Maybe someone should ask him. Hilarity would almost certainly ensue.


Ti-Guy said...

This from the party that has a sophisticated database populated with Canadian voters and indexed according to very specific criteria for marketing and research purposes.

thwap said...

They were also able to make an interactive map showing all the projects where the money was being spent.

But they didn't have the time to put it on a searchable list or give fucking Baird the total amount spent.

What shameless lying vermin.

Naked Ape said...

Let's not forget, when a person wants to disseminate data that is already in an electronic spreadsheet, they naturally print the whole thing onto a shitload of dead trees and call a courier, not just attach the spreadsheet to an email or load it on a thumb drive.

I mean really, compare the cost of and 8 Gig thumb drive in any of the electronics adverts that arrived with your morning paper to the costs of printing and shipping 4,476 slices of dead tree.

I suppose they will list this act of idiocy as support for the pulp & paper and courier industries.