Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And with my data point of one, my argument is irrefutable.

Shorter Blogging Tory Sara: "Freedom of speech does not exist in Canada. See, there's these parents in Winnipeg. Q.E.D."


MgS said...

Yet another yahoo that has spent too much time listening to LeRant when they should have been developing something useful ... like critical thinking skills.

Boris said...

A clueless mother, to be sure. But an unfit one?

Cameron Campbell said...

I love how she basically glosses over the other stuff.. "drugs and alcohol may have played a factor here"

MAY? Yes, let's reframe this as a speech thing.. by all means.

liberal supporter said...

She is a single issue type, much like neo. In neo's case, all viewpoints are based around pistol rights for himself.

For her, all viewpoints revolve around getting paid to be a stay at home mom, but without any sort of accountability. I once suggested that if you want to be paid like a daycare caregiver, you should be expected to have some qualifications, pass some tests, or do something like a home schooler who is required to follow the standard curriculum. She did not agree, it would seem giving birth is all the qualifications needed, how dare you question my parenting, and where's my money.

Although she did allow that certain people unlike herself should not get the mommy money, at least not without jumping through a series of hoops.

So she's uncomfortable with the kids raised as racists, but the parents know best, since that is what she wants for her situation. I wonder if she supports the Palestinians and Saudis who are alleged to raise their children to hate jews?

Cameron Campbell said...

"The girl said she started missing school because her mom and stepdad didn't wake her up on time. She told the social worker that her stepfather made the rules in the house, that he was angry and would get drunk, and that he didn't make meals, or change her brother's diaper often enough." The nazi shit was the flag, the rest was the reason.

My Dad was an industrial engineering dude before he retired, a fav with him and his buds is: Children, the only thing that can be mass produced with unskilled labour.

Cameron Campbell said...

Ooops, it gets better:

"The girl's mother is not living in Manitoba anymore and has not been in court. Her lawyer's request for an adjournment Monday morning was rejected." The kids are in Manitoba, the Mom is some place else.

I'll tell you what, if agents of the state took my kid for some reason, I'd be in the same city as they were, let alone the same province.