Friday, May 22, 2009

Canada: Back on the world stage!

If by "back on the world stage," you mean frantically asking other countries to minimize the damage from our clusterfucks:

Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt said other countries that produce medical isotopes have offered to help make up for the shortage.

"During this extended outage at Chalk River, other isotope-producing countries have the capacity to assist in minimizing production shortfall," she said in Mississauga, Ont.

"These countries all have different sets of constraints and capacity, and will need to work through those. But there is goodwill amongst all and a willingness to be helpful."

The Stephen Harper Party of Canada: Getting the world's attention, but not in a good way:

"Yeah, this is Stephen Harper, we're hoping you can help us out and ... um, really? Is that what time it is over there? Sorry, I had no idea. Anyway, uh, funny story ...

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