Thursday, May 21, 2009

The retarditude that is "Hunter."

The drooling stupidity of Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories is a constant source of depressing entertainment. Here's Hunter again, suggesting how we teach that uppity darkie Barack Obama a thing or two:

Bring It On Obama!

US protectionism will make Canada wake up. After every recession comes change, it just might not be the change Obama was thinking about. Obama wants cap and trade, fine, we will cap it off, and trade it to China and India. How would the US react to loosing 20% of their energy supply?

Eco-nuts and Quebec want our dirty oil banned, let's go for it, let's stop selling our oil and gas to the US, tomorrow. Just for one week.

Yeah! Fucking Obama, we'll just turn off the oil taps and teach him a lesson! Oh, wait ... we can't, because we're not allowed to under the current NAFTA agreement. No, really:

... The only condition that NAFTA imposes on Canadian energy products is that all buyers in North America must have equal rights to buy those products.

I think I'll go clean out the cats' litter boxes now. I'm guessing I'm going to find lumps in there that are more intellectually advanced than Hunter.

In fact, I'll bet on it.


liberal supporter said...

Hunter seems all agog that Harper is listened to by world leaders. If it is any different than previous Prime Ministers, it can only be because they have to listen. They won't find out which treaty we are going to renege on this week otherwise. Contacting any other government official is ineffective, since all policy is made on the fly by the seat of Harper's pants. Indeed, when he is at the podium they can relax because they can see his hands and know, at least for a while, that he's not going to pull some new idiocy out of his ass.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the BT asylum, neoconservative has learned the art of the double delete. After the usual visible delete and a stinging rebuke calling me names, he now double deletes when I come back asking him about his piss fetish, since he always mentions it in said stinging rebukes (I called him neo macisaac).

liberal supporter said...

I think it's a pretty safe bet hunter will regurgitate a post about this. He, I mean she, hasn't given us a woman hating post in days.