Saturday, May 16, 2009

And the pants-peeing cowardice keeps on rolling ...

Back here, we pick on Blogging Tory and inveterate whiner "shlemazl" here. But, curiously, if we scroll to the end of shlemiel's blog post, what's this?

Apparently, not content with simply banning commenters, shlemiel has taken to erasing the record of links to his work. Not quite the profile in courage you were expecting, was it?

And to set the record straight, shlemiel, we don't "hate" you -- we just think you're a whiny, annoying, dishonest, cowardly twerp. There's a difference.

FRANTIC CENSORING IN 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...: Over at shlemiel's place, the automatic link from this post shows up:

Any bets on how long it stays there before shlemiel scrubs the historical record? Pretty funny stuff for someone who accuses others of being "pitiful cowards," don't you think?


Marky Mark said...

I commenters said to me what he's quoted in that post, I'd be annoyed and whine too. Simply unacceptable.

BHCh said...

CC you are so stupid that it's actually funny. The back link thing does not work very well that's all. If I were so scared of your "sarcasm" (idiocy?) that I didn't want people to read your stuff then why would I suggest that everyone should read the "delinked" post prior to delinking? Why would I actually link to it in my next post?

Sorry to confuse you with logic. Never mind. You are right, it was a terrible anti-CC conspiracy.

CC said...

And under the circumstances, I apologize for the accusation. That's how we grownups do it -- when we're wrong, we apologize. Surprisingly, it doesn't even hurt.

BHCh said...

No need to apologize. You were born like that. Not your fault, mate.