Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is it hypocrisy if they're too dense to recognize it?

Blogging Tory Steve "Premature eJankulator" Janke (a self-described "heat-seeking missile in the Conservative arsenal" which can't possibly be as gay as it sounds) is, well, wanking furiously over attack ads:

The attack ads are brilliant

In the meantime, both Scott Tribe and Impolitical point out the pants-peeing hilarity contained therein.

Is it cruel to mock the mentally handicapped?


thwap said...

Yes, it's still hypocrisy. They would recognize it if they were honest.

They will only recognize it if your FORCE them to, which requires the debating equivalent of pushing a puppy's nose into its mess on the floor.

Is it cruel to mock them? It depends, I suppose. I think these people are borderline between people who are too challenged to function as adults in the world and whom it would be cruel to mock, and just plain stupid assholes.

"Hunter" is a borderline case, but she is so opinionated and her opinions are so dangerous that it's probably best to expose her and mock her.

Anonymous said...

If anything says staged and faked,
it's conservative attack adds.
The ones they used during the last election with the 'common people'
remarks were stunningly obvious in there voice actornessism.
It would be funny except, people who think they are real can vote.
peter g

Renee said...

The sad part, thwap, is that even if you force them to recognize their hypocrisy in one instance, they will nevertheless fail to apply the same process of successful thinking to any other instances. Michael Shermer writes about this when debunking paranormal / religious claims, and I see no difference between that sort of thinking and this.

CC: I think we can make a moral hazard argument to the effect that the self-mentally-handicapped do indeed deserve mockage.

The Artful Nudger said...

The hate they have for the quote-Mainstream Media-unquote is astonishing. I've never seen more obvious persecution complexes.

I suppose that's a hallmark of the right-wingnuts - when everyone is telling you that what you're doing is wrong, clearly you're going Right.