Friday, May 15, 2009

Allow me to put words in your mouth.

Blogging Tory and defender of all things Jewish "shlemazl" smites reality a mighty blow:

To Those That Hate Us

This blog has always received hatemail. As of late the flux has been on the rise. Which is why this blog is now moderated...

I am being constantly told by the Canadian lefties that anti-Semitism does not exist.

Oh, shlemazl, of course it exists. Look ... there's some now:

Arkansas GOP Senate Candidate Apologizes For Calling Schumer "That Jew"

North American Jewry: Unable to recognize actual anti-Semitism because they're too busy spooning intimately with it.

BONUS TRACK: shlemazl would like to take a brief break from accusing others of being hateful bigots:

Can Someone Please Drop a Nuclear Bomb on Egypt?

So where were we? Oh, right ... shlemazl was complaining about other people being hateful bigots. Carry on, then.


Anonymous said...

shlemazl is a liar (no surprise there) and a revisionist of the worst kind.
His blog has always been moderated and he's been known to flush certain postings down the memory hole...

In the spirit of his Egypt solution, can't someone just kick shlemazl in the nads?

thwap said...

self-pitying meconium

Ti-Guy said...

Well, he lost it here:

Or like Seven Jewish Children broadcast by the CBC. I am looking forward to the sequel which will undoubtedly be entitled "Seven Black Children" and claim that black parents teach their kids to rape white women. After all, a lot of black slave girls were raped by their white masters, so the CBC production would make total sense. But I digressed...


Mike said...

What a schmuck.

Ti-Guy said...

It's very rare that I am moved to think "go back to where you came from," but in Shlemazl's case, that's the reaction I quite often have. He's been holding all Canadians responsible for the trauma that was inflicted on him growing up in some god-forsaken place in the Urals and has been using the Israel/Palestine conflict to keep that wound festering. He's managed to introduce a viciously racist quality into the discussion of that conflict that never really characterised the debate among most Canadians (who've been forced to pay attention to that never-ending tribal squabble for decades) all that much.

It's an imposition and it's insulting, quite frankly.

KEvron said...

douchenazl made a bright blip on my radar when he made some lame joke about the pontential for one of his posts to cause red tory to have another heart attack. what a piece of work.


BHCh said...

For the record... While I have no idea whether I ever said that my post would cause Red Tory to have a heart attack (he was rather PC), I would never have said "another heart attack".

Largely because I have no clue whether he ever had one. How would I know??? I think I may have come across him once on my blog and he wasn't telling me anything about his health.

Ti-Guy said...

Well, that's a relief that you didn't say that, Shlemiel. After all, that would be so much worse than calling for Egypt to be nuked.

Cameron Campbell said...

"I am being constantly told by the Canadian lefties that anti-Semitism does not exist."?????¿¿¿¿!!!

What a lying sack of shit.

CC said...

Dear Cameron:

He's a Blogging Tory. You were expecting honest and intellectual nuance?

KEvron said...

"What a lying sack of shit.

i asked the murderously hateful little liar to name just one. he, of course, deleted the comment, rather than be confronted.


KEvron said...

"I would never have said "another heart attack'."

see, this is how a rightwinger lies: douchenazl may well have said "coronary", rather than "heart attack", or maybe he hadn't said "another", but a filthy lie it is, regardless. hating and lying; it's what the do. all the time.


Audrey II said...

"shlemazl was complaining about other people being hateful bigots."...while simultaneously calling for a WMD act of terrorism as a response, reflecting a keen ability to grasp proportionate, reasonable, and tenable response.

Congrats to Stephen Taylor for shepherding a flock brave enough to advance "die Endlosung der Egyptfrage". He must be proud to to see that his ilk isn't being bound by the P.C. taboo on the advocacy of such things.