Friday, May 22, 2009

Well, one of us can handle criticism.

In the beginning, there was pathetic, whiny twatwaffle Charlotte Allen. This was followed by the wickedly witty smackdown by PZ Myers. And what was so interesting about that exchange? It was that Allen's piece never allowed reader comments, while Myers' piece collected 241 of them before comments were finally cut off.

Apparently, wankers really can't handle feedback. But you're kind of used to that by now, right?

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croghan27 said...

Eagleton's point in the his book is that Hitchens or Dawkins (a bona fide scientist) are saying that people such as Falwell and Pat Robertson are incorrect. They then shoot down the theology behind them (if it can be called such) and them pat themselves on the back for 'proving' there is no deity.

This could be done by any first year theology student at any reputable university. The 'earth was created on the evening of 22 Sept, 4004BC' was accepted by few when Anglican Arch-Bishop James Ussher worked it out in the mid-1600s and has lost ground ever since.

Eagleton's argument says that
asking science to prove there is a God is like giving science a question such as - "How far is green?" It is nonsensical. Unfortunatly Mr. Myers seems to have fallen for that unproductive thinking as well. Science has better things to talk about then that.

He (Myers) seems an interesting man and I enjoy his blog. (Unlike Ms. Allen who it seems to be to be composing more for effect than for veracity.)

An interesting Canadian version of Mr. Myer's blog is SANDWALK from Larry Moran a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto.