Saturday, May 23, 2009

This may be the best pretend book evah!!11!1!!

Chapter Two: Gearing Up is totally my favourite.

Putting on a hockey uniform is a time-honoured ritual that spans generations. First the jock, then the shin pads, the colourful socks, the protective headgear—I never wore one myself as a boy, but it’s basically how I dressed for Dungeons & Dragons on Friday nights.


deBeauxOs said...

If Stevie is being openly ridiculed on the MacLeans' website, does this signal that the MSM formally recognizes his reign has jumped the shark?

The Artful Nudger said...

As a Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast, I resent the implication that the Harperbot was ever involved in said pastime.

That would imply that he has a sense of creativity, an ability to deal with numbers, and imagination - as he has none of these, I respectfully submit that he would never have made it past the first page of the Player's Handbook.

Dave said...

There's a handbook?!

Who knew?

The Artful Nudger said...

If, in fact, that comment was in earnest... there are fifty or so handbooks. ;)

Frank Frink said...

I don't think Chapter 10 is very far removed from the truth.