Sunday, May 31, 2009

We have a new meme!

Oh, my. Apparently, the homicidal anti-choice troops just got their new talking point fresh off the fax machine. Over at Jabba the Roy's, we have commenter "GrannyGrump":

Ti-Guy, no matter what the motive, the shooter was acting on prochoice philosophy -- that if somebody's existence troubles you, you have every right to kill them. YOU WHO FORWARD THAT PHILOSOPHY ARE GUILTY, not those of us who argue that you don't solve your personal problems by killing people.

3:17 PM

Meanwhile, only 19 minutes later, over at Suzie All-Caps:

PROLIFERS: It's wrong to try to solve problems by killing people.

PROCHOICERS: If somebody's existence is troubling you, it's okay to kill them.

I'm guessing we haven't seen the last of that talking point.


deBeauxOs said...

Lemme see ... isn't that the fetus fetishists putting a post-modern spin on "The devil made him do it"?

Because the 'HATE iz a family value' religious rightwing crowd is desperately trying to distance themselves from any kind of accountability for this act of terrorism.

Ti-Guy said...

Don't argue her "logic;" That never goes anywhere. Just scream Terrorist! and Murderer! at her.

Time to have these groups declared terrorist organisations. That's what they are.

Mike said...

In case it disappears (and it likely will), my comment:

Apologists for murder, and yet have the temerity to call themselves "pro-life".

If you don't think your non-stop idiotic "abortion is murder" rhetoric isn't a direct cause of this crime, they you are only confirming your acceptance of this crime.

How many pro-choice people have killed anyone in the "pro-life" camp?

None. Zero. Ziltch.

You disgust me with your backpedaling and pretending not to be a part of the problem. Damn you all to hell.

The least you can do is admit that your constant babbling about murder has finally led someone to act on it.

Take some personal responsiblitly.

philosoraptor said...

Someone really needs to start a blog that contains ONLY comments that are deleted from other blogs, along with references to the deleting blog, so that everyone has to own their censorship.

Cameron Campbell said...

David.. that's a fricking brilliant idea..

Lindsay Stewart said...

the memory hole!

JJ said...

OMG, "Granny Grump"? That's Crazy Christina, the nutjob who launched the "full-scale 30-day prayer assault" on me a couple of years ago.

I haven't seen her around for awhile... maybe she escaped from the home.